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Resentment of AIGETOA CTD over the order on APP based vehicle dated: 10.05.2024

We are really astonished on the order of App based vehicle matter dated on 10.05.2024.
It’s really demotivating to see this type of order from the CO. It proves their complete failure to understand the field reality and the problem faced by the field people.
We’ve already faced the OLA booking problem severely. Most of the time, driver rejects, no vehicle available for OLA and many other issues. But the plus point was that, one need not to think for the payment and the cost was low, as no surge was charged.
But as per the above order, one person doing field job, has to bear more pain with the newly introduced Ty. Adv. Route of payment. This may cause more difficulties as, accounting related matter is involved.
Moreover, at Calcutta Telephones, average monthly expenditure on OLA was around 8 lakh rupees per month with no surge value on the rides. Whereas, new estimated value has been fixed as low as rupees 4 lakhs per month only with high surge value!!
In this scenario, our stand is clear, not to support this new arrangement. Rather, management can approach to the App based vehicle aggregators with pre-paid system of vehicle service with sufficient budget to maintain proper and timely service, such that employees should not remain stressed on the payment related matter, rather devote energy and time for executing field task properly.

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