AIGETOA CTD extends its great joy & delight in wishing Happiest Birthday to RAJU BISWAS,SAIKAT SARKAR

Team AIGETOA KTD met CGM KTD and discussed various issues.

Today, team AIGETOA KTD met CGM KTD in presence of GM/HR&Admin and discussed various issues iterated as follows,
1. Discussion on App based vehicle issue: Our team discussed on this issue in length & breadth. The team expressed its resentments over the unrealistic order and suggested some practical solution by introducing the Dashboard model of App based vehicle service with centralized payment. We’ve requested the KTD management asking for more budgets from BSNL CO.
As requested by AIGETOA KTD earlier, KTD management is writing a DO letter to the Director asking for more vehicle accounts/vehicles with more budget at the tune of 1 Cr.
2. Dilapidated condition of Quarter Complexes: Our team expressed a grave concern on the extremely bad conditions of the quarter complexes. Recently, we were communicated by the Residential Welfare Association of Baishnavghata Quarter Complex. We are horrified by learning the situation over there. The condition of road, buildings and other infrastructures are beyond imagination.
CGM sir mentioned that, they have already communicated with the BSNL CO on this issue but unfortunately, the response from CO is not as good as expected. CGM sir also informed, he’ll again write to the BSNL CO with a request to send a team from there to inspect the condition of these complexes by themselves.
AIGETOA KTD has decided to escalate this issue further by communicating with our CHQ such that CHQ team can raise the matter in front of highest authority.

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