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AIGETOA always opposed any lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO

AIGETOA is the association who has always raised its voice over the issues of Pay-Promotion-Pension and other legitimate benefits for the executive fraternity.
It has always opposed any lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO. But, why so? ....
Friends, BSNL has recruited the executives through the pan-India examination, to recruit the best and talented pool of professionals, and selected B.E./B.Tech. engineers as the Telecom cadre executives and Chartered Accountants as the Account cadre executives. Every CPSU do the same to recruit its feeder executive cadre. They also have a proper and time bound promotional avenue for these executives.
But, on the contrary, at BSNL, due to its undefined HR policies, so many talented and capable executives had not got their legitimate promotion in 19+ years; their pay was not revised for a long time; some of the executives are getting less pay that actual, facing pay-loss from long time ; moreover, the company has not taken industry standard measurements over the social security issue ; and there are many more. All these unresolved issues are unfortunate and demotivating.
But, bypassing these hard facts, BSNL management has tried to make its HR policies even more complicated by ignoring/blocking the promotional aspects of its existing executives and by recruiting MTs/SETs at the AGM/CAO levels.
More unfortunate thing is that, another association is also supporting this parallel recruitment process in the name of internal MT, with the lack of vision that, if internal MT/SET is there, external or fresher MT/SET is bound to come. And if not opposed, it will certainly come in near future.
Now, every executive may clearly visualize that, after the SET recruitment, what will be your position as an executive albeit of your capability and proper delivery toward the company! It is utterly demotivating that, the career of the JTO/JAO cadre has almost ruined with a negligible chance of career progression!
Hope, the good sense of our management will prevail.

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