AIGETOA CTD extends its great joy & delight in wishing Happiest Birthday to BISHAL GOURAV

Update on Group Health Insurance.

Many friends from pan India have queries on the AIGETOA CTD group health insurance policy. It is to inform all concerned that, some administrative obligations were raised from NIC end on this policy, which was already informed earlier. Recently we’re again in touch with NIC for further discussions.
Parallelly, discussions are going on with other PSU and Private insurers. We’re in good hope that, we can mature the whole process. But it may take some more time.
It is also to clarify all that, there are several administrative requirements from the insurers before settling the whole thing. So, the exact time for implementation cannot be confirmed as of now. We shall inform immediately once we get response from the insurer.
Inconvenience, if any, is regretted please.

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