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Updates of Team AIGETOA Meeting with Director HR, PGM (SR), PGM (Pers) for discussion on various issues over the period dated 5th June 2023 to 13th June 2023:

AIGETOA CHQ has decided to publish a weekly update on status, level of persuasion and outcomes associated pertaining to various issues related to Executive Cadre. To start with, we are publishing the updates for the period 5th June to 13th June and hereinafter, weekly update shall be regularly updated on every Monday for the information of all the executives.
Last Week and this week Team AIGETOA comprising of All India President Shri Veerabhadra Rao, GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand, AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar and Shri Sunil Gautam met various authorities and had multiple meetings at the level of Director HR, PGM (SR & Restg), PGM (Pers), CGM (CNTx-North) and discussed the following issues:
Start of Process for Review of Cadre Strength:
The matter was strongly taken up before Director HR and PGM (Restg) and after detailed discussion finally instructions were given to start the cadre strength review process. Thereafter the Restructuring Cell has already initiated the review exercise. Association shall be giving its input in next few days. We are quite hopeful of increase in number of posts across all the cadres and streams in view of the increased revenue as well as because of new government projects like 4G saturation, Bharatnet, FTTH to Villages etc. AIGETOA’s firm emphasis shall be on sufficient increase in number of posts so that executives across various cadres and streams get a smooth career progression.
JTO to SDE DPC and increase in number of posts for DPC as well as LDCE:
We raised the matter pertaining to the long-awaited promotions in JTO to SDE cadre. We highlighted that Management must move ahead with a progressive thought process. Various complexities associated with the DPC process was discussed. We are hopeful of a positive outcome soon.
We also highlighted that the root cause of all problems is not filling up the vacancies of Pre-VRS and its high time that management must do a rethink on a current procedure adopted and instead should fill up the year wise vacancies available in the Pre-VRS ERA which will end the various disputes in fact across all cadres and streams. Further we have also requested for counting the SDE vacancies against Look After Posts in AGM Cadre which will also increase the number of vacancies. We are quite hopeful that management will definitely give a rethink on the approach adopted and ensure that sufficient vacancies are available for covering all the eligible JTOs in both the quota.
SDE to AGM Promotions:
We once again reminded management about their earlier commitment and to ensure that sufficient vacancies are available in AGM cadre for ensuring the promotions of all eligible SDEs. We also requested for considering the methodology which we have presented during the agenda meeting which was subsequently discussed with CMD BSNL also and there was a broad consensus on towing that line. We expressed our regret on the reluctancy on the part of Pers section for moving ahead with the SDE to AGM Promotions by making sufficient vacancies available by virtue of diversions and rearrangement within the defined strength. The matter is under discussion and deliberation at the level of Director HR and we sincerely feel and hope that finally management will move ahead with the proposal submitted by AIGETOA to ensure the promotions of all eligible. We also requested management to ensure that speaking order issued by BSNL in Madras High Court must be followed in letter and spirit and any deviation from that will result into a contemptuous act by BSNL for that the sole responsibility shall lie on Pers section only.
AO to CAO promotions:
We requested management for trying to get the stay vacated at Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT and if needed the appeal should be filed before Hon’ble High court to seek vacation of stay on the promotions. Further, we also requested for diversion of vacancies from SET quota to DPC quota which will ensure that promotions of all the eligible AOs can be done to CAO grade. We highlighted that AIGETOA will never allow recruitment of SETs and hence instead of keeping the vacancies on hold, the same must be diverted to DPC quota which will end the dispute.
DE to DGM Promotions:
We requested for filing an MA at Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT wherein we requested for submissions of BSNL with regard to fulfilling the directions of Hon’ble Court as now the decision at the highest level has already been taken for following the DoP&T guidelines for reservation in promotions and there is no ambiguity as such over the methodology to be adopted as concurrence of DoP&T has also been obtained on the methodology adopted by BSNL. It’s high time that management stops calling the promotions as provisional and should move forward with promotions in AGM Cadre to DGM cadre by filling up all the available vacancies. Management agreed to our request and assured that after taking legal opinion, matter shall be pursued either at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh or at Hon’ble Supreme Court where the SLP is pending.
DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular)
We requested for continuing the services of Senior Advocate and also requested BSNL for filing an appeal at Hon’ble High Court. The same was agreed by management side.
SDE 2007 reversal issue:
Matter was deliberated at length with the Director HR and committee members. The discussions were positive and we hope that things will soon fall in line. We sincerely hope that management will extend justice to the affected candidates and we firmly assure that AIGETOA will ensure resolution, come what may.
OTP cases including transfer cases of KTK Circle and waiting list of other hard tenure Circles and changes in Transfer Policy:
It was assured that OTP cases shall be processed in this week including the ones from Karnataka Circle on which there is a firm assurance that the cases shall be considered based on the criteria of date of application when the executive first time applied for OTP. We further highlighted the precarious scenario where one executive is getting transferred within circle, thereafter Inter Circle. We requested for a moratorium on transfer of the executive in Inter Circle also for at least five years if he/she has already undergone transfer within the circle. We requested for a centralized transfer policy where an executive doesn’t faces repeated transfers, first within the circle and then Inter Circle. We further highlighted the arbitrary selection of choice circles where in an executive higher in waiting list is not getting his first or second choice while another executive getting the same station despite being junior in the waiting list. We also requested for publication of waiting list in OTP cases also and publication of vacancies available in circle so that an executive can make an informed choice in OTP window. Management side agreed to explore the suggestions and we are hopeful of a positive outcome on the above suggestions. Maximum use of automated procedures and minimum use of discretionary power is the demand of AIGETOA and transparency in the process is a must.
Extending the Laptop Policy for field units also:
Association extended its thanks for approving the Laptop Reimbursement Policy and requested for immediate replication of the same for executive’s upto JTO/JAO/Equivalent level in the field units. Management Side assured to positively consider the same for field units also.
Revision in the TA/DA/Allowances at current market rates:
Director HR appreciated the concern and assured that needful action shall be done to revise the same.
Association Immunity Policy:
We requested for keeping the letter dated 14.10.2022 held in abeyance at least till next MV. It is anticipated that management will take a considerate view on the same.
Above are the update on the persuasion made by Association in Last Few Days and the outcome associated with the persuasion. All we can assure is that AIGETOA is fully committed to resolve the PPP issues and things are moving on a positive note on the issues related to promotion and restructuring. In next few days, AIGETOA shall be knocking the doors of the highest echelons in DoT and Nodal Ministry to ensure precipitation and resolution of the financial issues including the Pay Scale issues, Pay loss issues, 30 Percent SAB, 3rd PRC, Pension Revision. All these issues pertain to the policies of government and hence we must have to pursue at the highest level and our association AIGETOA is fully committed to go to any extent to ensure the resolution of these financial issues. Further our Legal team has finalized the Legal aspects and association has decided to take the legal recourse also for ensuring the resolution of all the pay loss related issues.
Further a detailed meeting of the Director HR and other senior officers of HR group has taken place with the leaders of the Forum of BSNL Associations on 13th June 2023 wherein issues related to MSRRs, promotions in various cadres, immunity, transfer policy etc has been discussed. The detailed update shall be shared at the platform of Forum in due course. Discussion of that meeting has also ended on a positive note.     

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