AIGETOA CTD extends its great joy & delight in wishing Happiest Birthday to RAJU BISWAS,SAIKAT SARKAR


AIGETOA has always taken a pivotal role for the BSNL executives.
Background: - Formation of BSNL into a PSU was a beginning for revolutionizing telecom technologies in the country & so was the concept for inducting Graduate Engineers in the newly formed Telecom behemoth named BSNL. Our founders of AIGETOA envisioned our association as persistent HR practices were completely in contravention of the basic blueprint of BSNL and career aspirations of DRs. The Formation of AIGETOA was pivotal for exploring better career aspects for Direct Recruits of BSNL in terms of career progression, healthy pay packages, medical facility, superannuation scenarios, welfare of family and dependents so far their future certainty and social security are concerned.
AIGETOA, since its formation, has been relentlessly working on the mission and has achieved many of the goals related to career and social security of DR executives. However, we humbly admit that some or many of unachieved targets are yet to be accomplished. Moreover, basic framework and roadmap for such pending goals have already been discussed in detail with the concerned authorities of BSNL and the Ministries. As a matter of fact, lead role of AIGETOA as Majority Association of BSNL executives, is critically important for accomplishing those unachieved targets.
A summary of achievements, which could be possible due to persistent efforts of AIGETOA are being brought to the attention of BSNL executives:
1. Correction of GPF/EPF: After joining of direct executives in 2001, EPF accounts were not opened by BSNL units and they kept on deducting GPF amount from executives’ salary. The correction by majority of the BSNL units was possible due to protests of torch bearers of AIGETOA. For some of executives EPF accounts opened by BSNL after more than one year and contribution of that period is still pending. The work is already taken up by AIGETOA and will be completed/corrected in due course of time.
2. The Training period EPF contribution was not made by BSNL to direct recruits and after court case by AIGETOA, the amount of training period with interest was contributed by BSNL but the length of training period for pensionable period is not considered by EPF and is not settled by BSNL with EPF.
3. After BSNL formation, the responsibility of providing pension to BSNL recruits was mentioned by government in rule 37A. But BSNL has not made any pension facility to BSNL recruits. Our association AIGETOA has played a major role in getting higher pension order(s) issued by EPFO.
4. 30% Superannuation benefit: After formation of AIGETOA, the matter was taken up when 2nd PRC clearly mentioned that 30% superannuation benefits have to be provided to direct recruits. But BSNL had taken so long time on their decision and then it was provisioned 3% SAB only in 2015 after intense persuasion of AIGETOA, where other executive associations were reluctant to support us on this matter & even opposed out this genuine demand, later on further persuasion of AIGEATOA, 2% more SAB was provisioned in 2017. Now, more than 2000 direct executives have availed this 5% SAB benefits either on VRS-2019 option or on their death/other reasons.
Hence, the role of AIGETOA is essential to get 30% SAB w.e.f 01.01.2007 and also for pensionary benefits of direct recruits.
5. Standard Pay Scale: When BSNL was formed, direct recruits JTO were called, GE-JTO and pay scale was given E1A – 9850- 250-14500, but GE-JTO is now replaced by JTO and the E1A pay scale is replaced by E1 by BSNL. Due to degradation and lowering of pay scale from E1A to E1, many of our 2007 batch onwards executes are losing a handsome salary amount every month. The matter was justified by then Majority Association other associations of BSNL. The content of their websites was later on removed, on protest of AIGETOA.
Please note that AIGETOA is only association which is persuading on this matter in true spirit at all the platforms like courts/ministries/BSNL management. The dedicated logical approach for standard E2 pay scale for 2007 onwards JTO are quintessential to get this target achieved.
6. AIGETOA played great role in 1st LDCE in 2007 just after completion of 2001 batch direct recruit 3 years and also made great role in increasing seats from 130 appx to 1800 appx, where 800 appx plus direct recruits became SDE in 2008 in 7 years.
7. AIGETOA played great role in provision of 2nd PRC to 2005 Batch JTO, where maximum had joined after Jan, 2007.
8. AIGETOA played great role in promotion of 2007 batch onward JTO to SDE promotion, where other Associations were creating obstacles.
9. List-8 SDE to AGM promotion – AIGETOA perused with BSNL management in 2018 for promotion of List-8 direct recruit SDEs(T) promotion to AGM(T), who were completed SDE serving period of more than 10 years, against 7 years qualifying criteria, and BSNL management was ready to promote List-8 SDEs to AGM and a file was moved to create additional post in line with what created of 4200 additional posts for other upto List-7 SDEs, but then majority association & other executive association opposed the move of management on pretext of additional increment to direct recruit and creating a gap of seniority – juniority.
Again those Association were creating obstacles and supported MT aspirants morally & financially to derail List-8 AGM promotion but AIGETOA was very played very important role in defending different court cases on List-8 AGM promotion and also did rigorous persuasion with management and finally made AGM Promotion of 1st batch of direct recruits as AGM.
And further doing continuous meeting with management on more AGM promotion alongwith DGM promotion for executives. So, role of AIGETOA is required further to get pending AGM & DGM promotion soon.
AGENDA of AIGETOA this year 2023.
1. 3rd PRC in 2023.
2. AGM promotion to List 9,10,11 and 12 SDEs.
3. DGM promotion to exiting AGMs.
4. 30% SAB provision to direct recruits in 2023.
5. Standard Pay scale E2 to JTOs.
6. Ensuring Medical Fund for direct recruits after retirement.
7. Ensuring smooth outdoor and indoor medical bills payments to employees.

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