AIGETOA CTD extends its great joy & delight in wishing Happiest Birthday to RAJU BISWAS,SAIKAT SARKAR

Update on the agenda meeting of AIGETOA CTD with CGM CTD

Today, team AIGETOA CTD comprising of,
Dinesh Roy⁩, President
Saikat Da⁩s, VP
Sayantan Sikder, CS
A. K. Shukla, FS
Kuntal Paul, ACS
Sanjib Saha⁩, Executive Member
Smrutiranjan Sahoo, DS North
attended the agenda meeting with CGM CTD.
The following issues were discussed...
1. Deployment of executives in TX
CGM sir agreed on this issue and informed us more people will be posted in TX unit.
2. Deployment of executives in EZBC
Mgmt side mentioned, in the near past, 16 staff were given posting there and 10 staff came out of it. CGM sir mentioned, internal reshuffling is required.
After our persuasion over the fact of billing and hardware unit, mgmt side assured to look into the matter.
3. Transfer issues of executives
Transfer issues of some executives were discussed elaborately.
4. CC camera for every exchange and store
Mgmt is totally agreed upon. We are informed, in the first stage, TBN-TBZ-CIR-BAG & stores will be covered. Later, other premises.
5. EPF HP left out cases
We have requested CGM sir to take up the issue at CO level and in turn escalate the same to the CPFC.
6. Reimbursement of Hostel charge, TA, DA for CTD employees at NSCBTTC
We have requested mgmt to take up the issue with CO & ALTTC
7. Selective targeting on executives on attendance
We strongly objected to CGM sir over this, he learnt the whole matter from us and instructed the concerned officials to take corrective measures.
8. Worst condition of quarter complexes
The issue was taken very seriously by the association. CGM sir informed us that, the estimated repair cost of Parcel-B (Patuli) is approx. 1.8 cr.
CO has some concerns and they are calculating the RoI.
We have objected to this issue which was agreed by CGM sir. He informed, he is trying his best on this complex.
Regarding the other quarter complexes, mgmt was non committal.
9. Provisioning of open office with air-conditioning in CTD
As per the idea of CMD sir and for a better office environment, we have proposed to implement the open office concept in CTD. Moreover, air-conditioning is not at all a luxury in the office now, it is a necessity.
CGM sir agreed over the whole fact and informed, some progress in this issue is already in place.
10. Empanelment of more hospitals
We have been continuously pursuing this issue for the last one year. Some hospitals were already empanelled with CGHS, but not adequate. Moreover, credit based empanelment is also required.
Mgmt ensured us to expedite the issue.
11. Drinking water in every exchange
Some modalities will be fixed shortly in this regard.
12. Non availability of Form-16
CTD mgmt will take up the issue with CO shortly.
13. Restructuring
W.r.t. the latest CO order on restructuring, we have requested CGM sir to enhance the number of posts in CTD as per the latest requirement.
14. Internet and phone connection in the association room
Mgmt has requested us to apply for it and they will look into the matter.
15. Access control of SBI gate of TB
Mgmt ensured us to look into this matter urgently.
Team AIGETOA CTD extends its gratitude to all present there and the meeting ended with a positive note.

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