AIGETOA CTD extends its great joy & delight in wishing Happiest Birthday to RAJU BISWAS,SAIKAT SARKAR

To all the executives of BSNL.

At the time of formation of BSNL and after that, SENA worked only for those executives who had joined before the formation of the company. It is good indeed. But they never ever thought about the welfare of those who joined BSNL after 2000.

Rule-37A made the provision of pension for the legacy employees. Well, it should be. But at the same time, it was also mentioned in that rule that, BSNL will frame a pension mechanism for its own employees. SENA was a big force then. But they did not take a single step for our social security.

It is only AIGETOA, who fought to streamline the EPF payments.

It is only AIGETOA, who materialised the Superannuation Benefits.

It is only AIGETOA, who fought in the court of law and won the case related to EPF higher pension.

It is only AIGETOA, who was the whistle blower for standard pay scale and CPSU cadre hierarchy, you may be astonished, SENA was unaware of it at that time.

It is only AIGETOA, due to whom the rain of promotions has seen the day light after many years.

It is only AIGETOA, who have implemented Online transfer policy. Before that, SENA used to have a business over it!.

It is only AIGETOA, who thinks for all Executives in a transparent manner.
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