The Group Health Insurance Policy of AIGETOA CTD powered by NIC is effective now. The TPA of this policy is MD India. Employees and their families, who have already opted for the policy, can avail the benefits now.
Contact details and escalation matrix will be provided soon. Optees will also get portal support and E-card soon.


+91 94321 76592

This is the WhatsApp number of AIGETOA KolTD. For queries, one can contact to this number through WhatsApp and we'll try to revert back at our earliest. One may also get our future day-to-day updates from this number.


Connect us on X(twitter):   X.com/AIGETOA_CTD

GS BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji takes up the issue of empowering BSNL to launch full fledged 4G/5G

GS BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji takes up the issue of empowering BSNL to launch full fledged 4G/5G not only in the interest of nation but also in the general interest of common public. BSNL has always acted as a market balancer and as a catalyst to keep the private operators in check. Launch of Cell one service made private operators to reduce tariff, when BSNL made incoming free, all operators followed, when BSNL launched all India free Roaming , private operators also had to do it.
The mobile today is not only a means of communication but also a source of livelihood for many people in the country. Hence providing affordable mobile and communication services to citizens is an obligation on the part of government. This cannot be ensured without strong presence of BSNL in 4G/5G services. Today the public is running for BSNL SIM but a lack of 4G/5G to BSNL is restraining them to do so.
Hence GS BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji appeals for intervention of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji for allowing BSNL to upgrade its mobile network to the 4G/5G Technology so that BSNL can roll out full-fledged 4G services.
GS BMS also assures firm support on behalf of BMS and BSNL employees to the Homegrown 4G initiative but at the same time, maintains that now it has become mandatory that BSNL may be allowed to upgrade its network to 4G/5G, till the time development of Indigenous 4G core is completed.

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Hon'ble MoC extends his good wishes and acknowledgement to AIGETOA.

Hon'ble MoC extends his good wishes and acknowledgement to AIGETOA. Hon'ble MoC has said that he expects support from our association on the crucial issues pertaining to BSNL. Earlier we have extended our good wishes on his assuming the office and assured support and cooperation in the decisions pertaining to well being and prosperity of BSNL and its employees.

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The Telecommunications Act 2023: a quick review

The Telecommunications Act 2023 has come into effect from June 26 replacing the Indian Telegraph Act of 1885 and the Indian Wireless Telegraph Act of 1933. This act has been enacted to keep pace with the emerging technologies. Several other countries including the US, UK and Singapore etc. have also updated their regulations to deal with the changing scenario.

During the drafting process, DoT sought suggestions and consulted several entities including 60 ministries, several telcos and numerous ISPs and other bodies. The bill got assent from the President in December 2023 and become the Telecommunication Act 2023.

Some key points of this new act are:
1. The new act introduces a more structured and transparent process for assigning spectrum to telecom companies. The act aims to ensure that telecom services can operate more effectively, potentially improving network quality and reducing congestion.

2. Previously, telecom service providers and users had to navigate through multiple sets of rules, which could be confusing and inefficient. By consolidating these laws into a single framework, the regulations become clearer and easier to understand for everyone involved.

3. The Act expands the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), renamed as Digital Bharat Nidhi in the new Telecom Bill, to support services in underserved rural, remote, and urban areas. It will also fund research and development of new telecom services and technologies, ensuring that even the most underserved areas have access to essential telecom services.

4. Provisions to take necessary measures for national security and public safety. The government now has more power to take temporary possession of telecom services or networks during public emergencies, including natural disasters. This can be for security, public order or to prevent crimes. The Act highlights how important telecom is for empowering people but also acknowledges it can be misused. To protect users, it includes rules against unwanted commercial messages and sets up a system for handling complaints. It also provides a framework for blocking and interception.

5. Right of Way pertains to the legal right to pass through or use land or infrastructure owned by others, including public and private property. In the context of telecom, RoW is critical for deploying network infrastructure like cables, towers, and equipment quickly. With streamlined RoW procedures, telecom companies can deploy infrastructure more quickly and efficiently, thereby enhancing network capacity and extending service coverage to more areas.

6. The Act envisions the creation of a live testing environment where new products, services, processes and business models may be deployed, on a limited set of users, for a specified period of time, with certain relaxations.

7. The Act also allows individuals to have a maximum of nine SIM cards in their name. The limit is being reduced to six for residents of Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast. Using more SIM cards will invite Rs. 50,000 for a first-time offence, and Rs. 2 lakh fine for subsequent violations.
Fraudulently obtaining a SIM card, and using someone else's identification documents, has a penalty of up to three years imprisonment, a fine of up to Rs. 50 lakh, or both.

8. However, as the satellite spectrum has no national territorial limits and is international in character. It is therefore coordinated and managed by the UN agency, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Let us hope for a robust and forward-looking telecommunications framework for India.

AIGETOA KTD writes CGM KTD and requested to increase the number of hospitals providing credit basis facilities:-

AIGETOA KTD requested CGM KTD to increase the number of hospitals under KolTD area providing medical facilities on credit basis under the BSNL MRS scheme.

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-:Recent updates on local issues:-

Today team AIGETOA KTD consists of Sri Saikat Das, Sri A.K. Shukla, Sri Bishal Gourav, Sri Kuntal Pal, Sri Prawin Kumar and Sri Sayantan Sikder met PGM HR and discussed the following issues.
1. TA/DA of NSCBTTC: Our team is continuously in touch to resolve the issue. Previously also, one tripartite meeting was held in the presence of CGM, PGM ; accounts people and AIGETOA. Today PGM HR informed us, he will try to resolve the issue in a time bound manner. And another tripartite meeting will be held soon.
2. EPP pay cut during COVID time: One file has already been initiated to resolve the matter. PGM HR told us, he will again put up the matter with concern admin and account people to expedite the issue.
3. Rented Vehicle: As per the previous intervention of AIGETOA KTD, circle mgmt has requested CO for enhanced funds allotment, which CO has agreed. We have requested to implement the dashboard based vehicle service with postpaid/prepaid mode of payment. As per our previous suggestion, mgmt had approached M/s. Uber and some active communications are going on.
4. Open office with AC: AIGETOA KTD has many times advocated over the implementation of open office concepts in KTD. Few places are already on the verge of completion. PGM sir is also very much agreed to implement this and assured us, it will be implemented as per feasibility. 5. Drinking water: Most of the offices dont have the water purifiers or are inadequate in numbers. If installation of purifiers is difficult, we have suggested the following proposal. Under the Ty. Advance process, reason code of "water charges" is there. Employees may utilise this to procure 20L drinking water containers from outside vendors and may settle the bills through the Ty. Adv. PGM sir informed, he will look into the possibilities.
The meeting concluded in a positive vibe. We will follow up on these issues in the coming days.

Free medical camp for the executives of KTD on 08.06.2024 by AIGETOA KTD

AIGETOA KTD is pleased to inform you that, it has arranged a free medical camp for the executives of KTD with the facilities mentioned below,

- Height, weight check
- Blood pressure check
- Random Blood Sugar
- Body Composition Analysis
- Eye check up
- Pulmonary Function Test
- Bone Mineral Density
- ECG (on physician's advice)
- Physician Consultation

Details are as follows,
Venue: Telephone Bhavan IQ, 8th floor
Date: 08.06.2024 (2nd Saturday)
Time: 11:00 am onwards

Tests will be done on first come first served basis subject to availability
Employees must have to carry their office ID card
For further queries, one can contact to-
Shri Datla Vijay Kumar @8902000196
Shri Kuntal Paul @9432001586

Update on Meeting of Recognized Associations and Unions with CMD BSNL to Discuss Organizational Transformation with BCG Consultancy Services:

The recognized Associations and Unions, including AIGETOA, BTEU, SNEA, BSNLEU, and NFTE, along with the Welfare Association SEWA, were invited to a meeting with the CMD BSNL today. The primary purpose of this engagement was to discuss the appointment of BCG Consultancy services for strategic organizational transformation within BSNL, with the aim of establishing the company as a leading brand in the telecom sector.
AIGETOA was represented by Shri Ravi Shil Verma GS & Shri Pavan Akhand Dy GS and BTEU was represented by Shri R C Pandey GS & Shri Ajay Singh Dy GS.
Key Discussion Points:
1. Quality of Service (QOS): BCG's role in enhancing BSNL's QOS, ensuring reliable and consistent services for customers.
2. ⁠Customer Centricity: Strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, making BSNL the provider of choice.
3. ⁠Sales and Distribution: Optimizing sales strategies and distribution channels for better market reach and revenue growth.
⁠ 4. Cost Reduction: Identifying areas to reduce operational costs without compromising service quality.
5. Performance Management: Implementing effective performance evaluation and improvement systems for employees.
6. Brand Strengthening & Growth: Developing BSNL's brand identity and market presence to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
During the meeting, we raised concerns about the rumors of BSNL planning another Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) with the appointment of BCG. The CMD BSNL categorically denied these rumors, confirming that there is no proposal for a VRS and the consultant has also been directed to suggest the measures of utilizing the full existing strength.
We also brought attention to the issue of low motivation among field staff, emphasizing the need to address HR issues promptly. GS AIGETOA categorically raised the issue of promotions, Pay Scales and 3rd PRC and sought support of management in addressing these concerns at priority. We also raised the concern on conducting this exercise when multiple rounds of such consultancies have already been done in BSNL with not much appreciable results. CMD BSNL explained that Project Shikhar has helped the organization in bringing some major structural changes like creation of vertical wise operations, creation of a new vertical of EB, many structural reforms which helped in sustaining this organization. He said though few consultants couldn't give desired results but all efforts shall be made to convert BSNL into a profitable organisation through this consultancy exercise. We said unless the internal customers of the organisation i.e. employees of BSNL are motivated and unless their HR issues are addressed, any such exercise will not give the desired results and requested to address the HR issues on priority.
GS BTEU requested that mobile reimbursement be extended to non-executives, recognizing their similar use of BSNL applications in the field. GS BTEU also raised the concerns of non executives like stagnation and lack of promotions and requested to solve them on priority. GS BTEU also requested for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. He also emphasized upon the need for utilisation of JEs in a proper way in organisation and provide them more opportunities of promotion through provisioning of more posts.
In conclusion, we highlighted the importance of addressing HR concerns and transforming BSNL in parallel, ensuring that employee welfare and organizational growth go hand in hand. The meeting concluded with a positive outlook, and we look forward to further constructive dialogue and action towards making BSNL a leading telecom brand.

AIGETOA always opposed any lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO

AIGETOA is the association who has always raised its voice over the issues of Pay-Promotion-Pension and other legitimate benefits for the executive fraternity.
It has always opposed any lateral recruitment above JTO/JAO. But, why so? ....
Friends, BSNL has recruited the executives through the pan-India examination, to recruit the best and talented pool of professionals, and selected B.E./B.Tech. engineers as the Telecom cadre executives and Chartered Accountants as the Account cadre executives. Every CPSU do the same to recruit its feeder executive cadre. They also have a proper and time bound promotional avenue for these executives.
But, on the contrary, at BSNL, due to its undefined HR policies, so many talented and capable executives had not got their legitimate promotion in 19+ years; their pay was not revised for a long time; some of the executives are getting less pay that actual, facing pay-loss from long time ; moreover, the company has not taken industry standard measurements over the social security issue ; and there are many more. All these unresolved issues are unfortunate and demotivating.
But, bypassing these hard facts, BSNL management has tried to make its HR policies even more complicated by ignoring/blocking the promotional aspects of its existing executives and by recruiting MTs/SETs at the AGM/CAO levels.
More unfortunate thing is that, another association is also supporting this parallel recruitment process in the name of internal MT, with the lack of vision that, if internal MT/SET is there, external or fresher MT/SET is bound to come. And if not opposed, it will certainly come in near future.
Now, every executive may clearly visualize that, after the SET recruitment, what will be your position as an executive albeit of your capability and proper delivery toward the company! It is utterly demotivating that, the career of the JTO/JAO cadre has almost ruined with a negligible chance of career progression!
Hope, the good sense of our management will prevail.

Technical launch of BSNL’s 4G services in Kolkata Telecom District:-

Today, CGM KTD has launched the first indigenous (Swadeshi) 4G/5G telecom stack in Kolkata at Ballygaunj Place. This is in line with the Atma-Nirbhar Bharat initiative of Govt. of India. This project was initiated by BSNL with the help of Indian organisations, like M/s. TCS and M/s. Tejas Networks & C-DOT. These BTSs are upgradable to 5G also.
AIGETOA KTD was invited at that event. Sri Subhajit Choudhury, Dy. CS ; Sri Manish Kumar, Circle Advisor & Sri Durgesh Singh, Circle Advisor attended the occassion.

AIGETOA KTD wishes a grand success of this service!

Team AIGETOA KTD met CGM KTD and discussed various issues.

Today, team AIGETOA KTD met CGM KTD in presence of GM/HR&Admin and discussed various issues iterated as follows,
1. Discussion on App based vehicle issue: Our team discussed on this issue in length & breadth. The team expressed its resentments over the unrealistic order and suggested some practical solution by introducing the Dashboard model of App based vehicle service with centralized payment. We’ve requested the KTD management asking for more budgets from BSNL CO.
As requested by AIGETOA KTD earlier, KTD management is writing a DO letter to the Director asking for more vehicle accounts/vehicles with more budget at the tune of 1 Cr.
2. Dilapidated condition of Quarter Complexes: Our team expressed a grave concern on the extremely bad conditions of the quarter complexes. Recently, we were communicated by the Residential Welfare Association of Baishnavghata Quarter Complex. We are horrified by learning the situation over there. The condition of road, buildings and other infrastructures are beyond imagination.
CGM sir mentioned that, they have already communicated with the BSNL CO on this issue but unfortunately, the response from CO is not as good as expected. CGM sir also informed, he’ll again write to the BSNL CO with a request to send a team from there to inspect the condition of these complexes by themselves.
AIGETOA KTD has decided to escalate this issue further by communicating with our CHQ such that CHQ team can raise the matter in front of highest authority.

Resentment of AIGETOA CTD over the order on APP based vehicle dated: 10.05.2024

We are really astonished on the order of App based vehicle matter dated on 10.05.2024.
It’s really demotivating to see this type of order from the CO. It proves their complete failure to understand the field reality and the problem faced by the field people.
We’ve already faced the OLA booking problem severely. Most of the time, driver rejects, no vehicle available for OLA and many other issues. But the plus point was that, one need not to think for the payment and the cost was low, as no surge was charged.
But as per the above order, one person doing field job, has to bear more pain with the newly introduced Ty. Adv. Route of payment. This may cause more difficulties as, accounting related matter is involved.
Moreover, at Calcutta Telephones, average monthly expenditure on OLA was around 8 lakh rupees per month with no surge value on the rides. Whereas, new estimated value has been fixed as low as rupees 4 lakhs per month only with high surge value!!
In this scenario, our stand is clear, not to support this new arrangement. Rather, management can approach to the App based vehicle aggregators with pre-paid system of vehicle service with sufficient budget to maintain proper and timely service, such that employees should not remain stressed on the payment related matter, rather devote energy and time for executing field task properly.

-: Enhancement of mobile handset reimbursement cost :-

The corporate office enhanced the reimbursement cost of the mobile handset for the executives of BSNL. This is in line with the demand of AIGETOA.

Click here for order copy

1st CEC meeting to be held on 04.05.2024 at Telephone Bhavan.

CEC meeting will be held at Telephone Bhavan on 04.05.2024,Saturday at 4pm at association room.

Cold water facility at every major office building.

AIGETOA CTD writes CGM CTD requesting to provide cold water facility at every major office building and to reconnect the disconnected ACs during this summer season.

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Grant of special CLs to PwD candidates through SAP ESS.

AIGETOA CTD writes CGM CTD requesting to extend the facility to apply the special CLs of PwD candidates through SAP ESS for better convenience.

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5th Circle Conference of AIGETOA-CTD :

After successful conduction of 5th Circle Conference of AIGETOA-CTD on 27th April 2024,The following officers were elected as Circle Executive body members of AIGETOA KTD under the observation of Sri Deepak Kumar Sahoo, VP CHQ and Sri Rakesh Kumar, JS (E)/CHQ with the due approval of Returning Officer Shri Amit Das.

Circle President :Sri Saikat Das
Circle Secretary :Sri Sayantan Sikder
Circle Finance Secretary :Sri Arvind Kr. Shukla

Click here for Circle Executive Body details.

Notice for online nomination for the post of CEC members of AIGETOA-CTD.

Online Nomination will be called from all bona-fide members of AIGETOA CTD for selection of Circle Body posts.

Click here for Notice

Click here for Online nomination.

AIGETOA CTD Circle Collegium.

After discussion with all the district executive members in presence of circle executive member, RO and ARO in the online EBM held on 28.03.2024 the Circle collegium is finalised and the same attached herewith.

click here for list.

Notice for Circle Executive Body meeting of AIGETOA-Calcutta Telecom District.

All Circle and District Executive members are hereby notified that Circle Executive body meeting will be held on 28th March 2024.

Schedule of Circle Executive Body meeting AIGETOA CTD:
• Date and Time of the meeting: 28th March from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
• Venue of the meeting: Online (Link will be shared before meeting).

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Notice for Annual General Meeting of AIGETOA-Calcutta Telecom District.

As per the provision of the constitution of AIGETOA, we feel pleased to notify the Annual General Body Meeting of AIGETOA-Calcutta Telecom District scheduled to be held on 27th April 2024 at Kolkata.

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Group Health Insurance Policy of AIGETOA CTD is effective now..

The Group Health Insurance Policy of AIGETOA CTD powered by NIC is effective now. The TPA of this policy is MD India.
Employees and their families, who have already opted for the policy, can avail the benefits now.
Contact details and escalation matrix will be provided soon.
Optees will also get portal support and E-card soon.
Kindly follow our Circle website time to time for updates.
For the time being, one can call the following AIGETOA OBs for support
Shri Kuntal Paul (ACS)
Shri Smrutiranjan Sahoo (DS)

Thank you all

AIGETOA CTD extends its BIG THANKS to all the executives on successful completion of 3rd MV at CTD. We wish for the survivability and growth of BSNL along with its employees.

AIGETOA CTD met Shri ND Ram ji

Today, team AIGETOA CTD met Shri ND Ram ji, GS SEWA at Telephone Bhavan for a courtesy visit. The team greeted him with a flower bouquet and discussed various issues related to the executives of BSNL.

Team AIGETOA along with leaders of BMS Met Hon’ble Minister of Communication, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji .

We are pleased to share that Team AIGETOA had a productive meeting with the Hon’ble Minister of Communication, Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw Ji, on September 2, 2023. We are deeply appreciative of the Hon’ble MoC for sparing his valuable time despite his hectic schedule. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to National Secretary BMS Shri Ramnath Ganeshe Ji and Treasurer BMS MP Circle Shri Umesh Sharma Ji for taking all efforts and ensuring the meeting for us. GS AIGETOA was on scheduled campaign Meeting at Nagpur, but upon receiving a call from the leaders in Bhopal, he promptly cancelled the Nagpur meeting to attend this crucial discussion. Due to the extremely busy schedule of Hon’ble MoC, the initial meeting on September 1, 2023, was very brief. Due to Paucity Honb’le Minister asked us to continue the meeting the next day. We were fortunate to have a detailed meeting with the Hon’ble MoC on the following day today also.
During our meeting, we discussed various issues, including the ongoing membership verification. Hon’ble MoC extended his good wishes and encouraged us to give our best in the MV. He assured us of the government’s support and emphasized their awareness of the challenges faced by BSNL executives. The Hon’ble MoC told that a detailed meeting will be held after conclusion of G20 Meeting. He told us that feedback on our Memorandum has been sought from the concerned departments.
GS of BMS Shri Ravindra Himte Ji is actively pursuing a Tripartite meeting involving the DoT, BSNL Management and leaders from AIGETOA and BMS. We are grateful to the Hon’ble MoC for accommodating us in his busy schedule. The issues pending in BSNL, such as the 3rd PRC, 2nd PRC pay losses, Standard pay scale issue, E1 plus Five Increments for new recruits as interim measure, uniform first time bound Upgradation, 30 percent Superannuation benefits, old pension issues of DoT-notified recruitments, rights of PWD candidates etc require the highest-level intervention which were briefly discussed today once again. We are confident that with the support of BMS leadership, these issues will be addressed effectively within very short span of time.
Shri Umesh Sharma Ji, Treasurer of BMS MP Circle also joined us during these discussions today. They have pledged their full support and assured us of their commitment to resolve long-pending issues once the MV concludes.
In conclusion, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to go to any extent and make every effort to achieve our objectives of fair pay, promotion, and pension, while also ensuring the profitability of BSNL.
We express our gratitude to the Hon’ble MoC for the government’s support through various revival packages. We emphasized that every BSNL employee is dedicated to making India a leader in telecom technologies and self-reliant in the telecom sector. We hope that the government will also consider our due benefits as we continue to contribute our best to this noble cause.

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Online deliberation cum interactive session on HR issues.

Wonderful session conducted by AIGETOA CTD on the issue of,"GENESIS OF VARIOUS HR RELATED ANOMALIES AFTER THE FORMATION OF BSNL - ROLE OF AIGETOA TOWARDS ITS RESOLUTION." The session was hosted by Shri Prabhash Kr. Mishra ji and deliberated by Shri Ansal Mohammed ji.
Participants were enriched by the detailed and lucid explanation of Shri.Ansal Ji.
Interested persons can hear the session from the following Google link.

Click here

As informed earlier, AIGETOA CTD is going to arrange an online deliberation cum interactive session today at 08:00 pm over Zoom platform.

The topic of discussion will be: "GENESIS OF VARIOUS HR RELATED ANOMALIES AFTER THE FORMATION OF BSNL - ROLE OF AIGETOA TOWARDS ITS RESOLUTION." The occasion will be addressed by Shri Ansal Mohammad ji; AIGETOA CHQ advisor, National Coordination Committee member & veteran leader of AIGETOA from Kerala and one of the most learned person on various issues pertaining to BSNL executives.

Click here to join the meeting.

Flash news:

Dear BSNL Executives,
We are excited to update you on critical HR matters. AIGETOAs commitment remains resolute. We have received a positive response from Hon. Shri G. Kishan Reddy, Union Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Development of the North Eastern Region.
We have conveyed our HR concerns to Hon. Minister Shri G. Kishan Reddy. He assures us of swift issue resolution with the help of the MOC.
We appreciate Hon. Minister Shri Reddy and your support. With united efforts, we will overcome HR challenges for a brighter future.

Access the letter from Hon. Shri G. Kishan Reddy to the Minister of Communications. AIGETOAs memorandum here.

AIGETOAs memorandum here.

Online deliberation cum interactive session on HR issues.

Dear friends, AIGETOA CTD has arranged one online deliberation cum interactive session over Zoom platform on 23rd August 2023 at 08:00 pm.
The occasion will be addressed by Shri Ansal Mohammad ji; AIGETOA CHQ advisor, National Coordination Committee member & veteran leader of AIGETOA from Kerala and one of the most learned person on various issues pertaining to BSNL executives.
All the executives irrespective of the associations are cordially invited to join and grace the event. They are also requested to raise their queries and suggestions on the said session.
The zoom meeting link to join the event will be informed on your Circle website, https://aigetoactd.org , in due course of time.

Flash news

AIGETOA CTD writes GS for resolution of various HR related issues of special LICE JTOs.

Click here for letter

Team AIGETOA Meets Honorable Minister of Defence Shri Rajnath Singh Ji and Honorable Minister of Communication Shri Ashwini Vaishnav Ji on 14th August 2023:

On 14th August 2023, Team AIGETOA consisting of General Secretary Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh, AGS AIGETOA, Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam AGS AIGETOA, Shri Yogendra Kumar, AGS AIGETOA, Shri Harjinder Singh, Organising Secretary (CHQ) AIGETOA met Honorable Minister of Defence Shri Rajnath Singh Ji at His Residence cum Office at 17, Akbar Road. The Delegation of AIGETOA Met Honorable Minister at a Pre-Scheduled exclusive time slot and discussed upon the issues of Residual issues of 2nd PRC, Pay Loss and Affordability clause waiver in respect of implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL. Delegation requested the Honorable Minister for his kind blessing on extending the much awaited relief to BSNL employees in the form of resolution of long pending issues of BSNL Executives.
The Delegation also presented a Memorandum to the Honorable Minister. Hon’ble Minister assured us that he shall be taking up the issues mentioned in the Memorandum with Honorable MoC also. He was appreciative of the efforts taken by the BSNL employees to revive the company after the extension of revival packages to BSNL. He emphasised upon the fact that BSNL must show its full potential and come up with flying colours now.
As per protocol and security reasons, none of electronic gadgets including mobile phones were allowed inside. Hence glimpses of the meeting could not be captured.
In another session in the series of our pursuance with government echelons, AIGETOA Team consisting of Vice President Shri Deepak Sahoo and Circle Secretary Odisha Shri Dhiren Parida met Honorable MOC Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw ji at CPMG Building, Bhubaneswar on 14 th August 23 during his Telecom and Postal review. In the brief interaction held, Honorable MoC recognised AIGETOA team and immediately called after seeing us. Honorable MoC told our team that GS BMS has also spoken with him on the issues raised by AIGETOA and after getting the feedback from the departments involved, he shall be convening a detailed meeting. He assured that all the major issues shall be resolved and advised us to exercise patience for a little bit more time. AIGETOA Team submitted a fresh memorandum to Hon’ble MoC with two more issues added as below: 1] To grant one time option to be covered under the CCS (Pension) rules 1972 for the executives whose recruitment process was initiated by DoT before formation of BSNL. 2] To Direct BSNL to extend the facilities pertaining to PWD employees of BSNL in its true spirit as defined by various DoP&T guidelines issued from time to time. After going through the memorandum, Honorable MoC once again assured us for holistic consideration of all the major issues including the issues of Standard Pay Scales of E2 to JTO/JAO Equivalent, 30% SAB, Pay Loss issues, Promotions and implementation of 3rd PRC.

Click Here for the Memorandum Submitted to Honorable Minister of Defence shri Rajnath Singh Ji

Click Here for the Memorandum Submitted to Honorable Minister of Communication

Celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav by AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA CTD proudly celebrates the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav with some wonderful presentations by the wards of the employees of BSNL.

AIGETOA CTD wishes all a Happy Independence Day!

We shall always remember the courageous troops and freedom fighters who gave their lives for our country since they are the reason we enjoy our freedom today. Happy Independence Day!


Celebration of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav by AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA CTD is planning to celebrate the 76th Independence Day with the children of the executives of BSNL.
Interested executives may submit patriotic music/song/recitation videos of their wards (around 2/3 minute duration) over WhatsApp to participate in this program to Shri D.V. Kumar at 8902000196. Please do not forget to mention the child name, age, father/mother name and Telecom Circle.
The compiled video will be uploaded to our Circle website. The last date for receiving the videos is 13th August 2023.

AIGETOA CTD pays tributes to the youngest freedom fighter and revolutionary Shri.Khudiram Bose on his death anniversary.

Khudiram was born on 03 December 1889 in the small village of Habibpur, which is a part of the Keshpur Police Station in the Midnapore district of West Bengal. He was the only son of a Tehsildar and had three sisters. Khudirams life was ridden with hardships right from the start. He lost his parents very early in life and was raised by his elder sister. He attended Hamilton High School in Hatgachha village in the North 24 Parganas District.
Khudiram was one of India’s youngest freedom fighters, and in the early 1900s, it was the public speeches of Aurobindo Ghose and Sister Nivedita which prompted him to join the freedom struggle. In 1905, during the Partition of Bengal, he became an active volunteer in the freedom movement. Khudiram was all of 15 when he first courted arrest for distributing pamphlets against the British administration.
It is said that in 1908, Khudiram joined the Anushilan Samiti, an early 20th-century revolutionary group that resorted to violent means to force the British out of India. Nationalists such as Aurobindo Ghose and his brother Barindra Ghose spearheaded the Samiti. It was here that Khudiram got fully involved in anti-British activities. Not just did he learn how to make bombs, he would plant them in front of police stations to target government officials.
Douglas H Kingsford was the Chief Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta at the time. He was a target of the revolutionaries as he was known for his harsh treatment and vindictiveness towards the freedom fighters. Kingsford was especially enraged by the anti-partition and the swadeshi activists. Numerous assassination attempts on Kingsford had gone in vain. The British authorities transferred him to Muzaffarpur with the hope that the anger of the revolutionaries would die down.
However, the revolutionaries were determined to see the end of Kingsford. The initial idea was to detonate a bomb in the courtroom where Kingsford presided. After much debate, it was decided to avoid the court since a large number of civilians could be injured. The leaders then decided to appoint Khudiram Bose and Prafulla Kumar Chaki to carry out the mission of assassinating Kingsford.
Following that, on 30 April 1908, after much planning, they attacked Kingsford’s carriage while it was leaving the club. As the horse carriage drew near, Khudiram hurled a bomb at it. However, it was discovered later that the carriage was carrying the wife and daughter of a barrister called Pringle Kennedy, and Kingsford had escaped yet another attempt on his life.
News of the attack swept the entire town, and the Calcutta police were summoned to apprehend the duo. While Bose was apprehended at Waini train station, where he had arrived the next morning after walking 25 km, Prafulla Kumar Chakki committed suicide just before being arrested. The entire community gathered around Bose when he was led handcuffed to the Muzaffarpur police station. Finally, after numerous trials and hearings, Khudiram was sentenced to death. Young Khudiram, at the age of eighteen, was executed on 11 August 1908, making him one of the youngest revolutionaries in India to be hanged by the British.
Newspapers like the Amrita Bazar Patrika (Bengali) and The Empire (British) reported that such was the spirit of this boy revolutionary that he was smiling while mounting the scaffold. Large crowds thronged the route through which his body was taken out in procession. The people kept throwing flowers, silently acknowledging his sacrifice for the cause of freedom.
While Bose’s story of sacrifice and love for his country is popular folklore in Bengal, the poet Pitambar Das made his sacrifice immortal in the popular Bengali song Ek Baar Bidaye De Ma, a song that resonates with the passion the young boy had for his motherland.


Gentle Reminder

Kindly complete all six modules of Mandatory Training Courses of iGoT Karmayogi within the specified time (i.e, within September 2023) as per the order annexed.
This is for your kind information, please.

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Preparation on organisational restructuring data in CTD

After the timely and detailed persuasions of team AIGETOA-CTD, CTD mgmt. has almost finalized the modified and enhanced organizational restructuring data in connection with the orders of BSNL CO.
This will certainly increase the number of executive posts in different cadres in CTD, which in turn increase the possibilities of promotions, in the coming years.
If AIGETOA is there, possibilities are there.
Together we can!

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Flash News:

AIGETOA CTD writes CGM CTD on implementation of laptop reimbursement policy in CTD for every executives.

Click here for letter

Draft Electoral Roll of CTD

The CTD administration has published the draft Electoral Roll for the upcoming 3rd MV.
All executives are requested to check their data. If any discrepancies are found, the same may be intimated to us for rectification with the help of the admin section.

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Flash News: Update of E2-E3 court case by AIGETOA

Today, Standard Pay Scale Case at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh was listed for hearing. But due to some busy schedule of Hon’ble Judge who is also handling Jammu CAT cases through VC, case did not came up for hearing. At present there is only one double bench available. As per info received soon another double bench will join, then case hearing will definitely speed up.
AIGETOA Team was present in CAT as always. Beside Punjab Team, Sh Sunil Gautam AGS CHQ, Sh Manish Anand DS East CTD, Sh Smurti Ranjan Sahoo DS North CTD was there to pursue since morning.
Initially, next date was given as 11.10.2023 but on sincere pursuance by AIGETOA team it was preponed on dated 05.09.2023.
We expect hearing to take place on next date. Have faith and support us in our endeavors.

Flash News

Today representatives of CTD, Shri Manish Anand (DS, East) and Shri Smruti Ranjan Sahoo (DS, North) along with GS & Dy. GS met PGM Pers at BSNL CO. They had a discussion on various issues related to Transfer and Posting.

Many more Happy returns of the day to our beloved Circle Secretary ,Shri.Sayantan Sikdar.

Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday!


GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL & Director HR – Request for Granting a Formal Meeting to AIGETOA for discussion on crucial day to day issues being faced by the BSNL Executives

GS AIGETOA writes to CMD BSNL & Director HR with request for granting a Formal Meeting to AIGETOA for discussion on crucial day to day issues being faced by the BSNL Executives.

Click here for letter to CMD BSNL & Dir HR for Agenda Meeting

To all the executives of BSNL.

At the time of formation of BSNL and after that, SENA worked only for those executives who had joined before the formation of the company. It is good indeed. But they never ever thought about the welfare of those who joined BSNL after 2000.

Rule-37A made the provision of pension for the legacy employees. Well, it should be. But at the same time, it was also mentioned in that rule that, BSNL will frame a pension mechanism for its own employees. SENA was a big force then. But they did not take a single step for our social security.

It is only AIGETOA, who fought to streamline the EPF payments.

It is only AIGETOA, who materialised the Superannuation Benefits.

It is only AIGETOA, who fought in the court of law and won the case related to EPF higher pension.

It is only AIGETOA, who was the whistle blower for standard pay scale and CPSU cadre hierarchy, you may be astonished, SENA was unaware of it at that time.

It is only AIGETOA, due to whom the rain of promotions has seen the day light after many years.

It is only AIGETOA, who have implemented Online transfer policy. Before that, SENA used to have a business over it!.

It is only AIGETOA, who thinks for all Executives in a transparent manner.
Please support AIGETOA to support you.
Together we can!

Update on the agenda meeting of AIGETOA CTD with CGM CTD

Today, team AIGETOA CTD comprising of,
Dinesh Roy⁩, President
Saikat Da⁩s, VP
Sayantan Sikder, CS
A. K. Shukla, FS
Kuntal Paul, ACS
Sanjib Saha⁩, Executive Member
Smrutiranjan Sahoo, DS North
attended the agenda meeting with CGM CTD.
The following issues were discussed...
1. Deployment of executives in TX
CGM sir agreed on this issue and informed us more people will be posted in TX unit.
2. Deployment of executives in EZBC
Mgmt side mentioned, in the near past, 16 staff were given posting there and 10 staff came out of it. CGM sir mentioned, internal reshuffling is required.
After our persuasion over the fact of billing and hardware unit, mgmt side assured to look into the matter.
3. Transfer issues of executives
Transfer issues of some executives were discussed elaborately.
4. CC camera for every exchange and store
Mgmt is totally agreed upon. We are informed, in the first stage, TBN-TBZ-CIR-BAG & stores will be covered. Later, other premises.
5. EPF HP left out cases
We have requested CGM sir to take up the issue at CO level and in turn escalate the same to the CPFC.
6. Reimbursement of Hostel charge, TA, DA for CTD employees at NSCBTTC
We have requested mgmt to take up the issue with CO & ALTTC
7. Selective targeting on executives on attendance
We strongly objected to CGM sir over this, he learnt the whole matter from us and instructed the concerned officials to take corrective measures.
8. Worst condition of quarter complexes
The issue was taken very seriously by the association. CGM sir informed us that, the estimated repair cost of Parcel-B (Patuli) is approx. 1.8 cr.
CO has some concerns and they are calculating the RoI.
We have objected to this issue which was agreed by CGM sir. He informed, he is trying his best on this complex.
Regarding the other quarter complexes, mgmt was non committal.
9. Provisioning of open office with air-conditioning in CTD
As per the idea of CMD sir and for a better office environment, we have proposed to implement the open office concept in CTD. Moreover, air-conditioning is not at all a luxury in the office now, it is a necessity.
CGM sir agreed over the whole fact and informed, some progress in this issue is already in place.
10. Empanelment of more hospitals
We have been continuously pursuing this issue for the last one year. Some hospitals were already empanelled with CGHS, but not adequate. Moreover, credit based empanelment is also required.
Mgmt ensured us to expedite the issue.
11. Drinking water in every exchange
Some modalities will be fixed shortly in this regard.
12. Non availability of Form-16
CTD mgmt will take up the issue with CO shortly.
13. Restructuring
W.r.t. the latest CO order on restructuring, we have requested CGM sir to enhance the number of posts in CTD as per the latest requirement.
14. Internet and phone connection in the association room
Mgmt has requested us to apply for it and they will look into the matter.
15. Access control of SBI gate of TB
Mgmt ensured us to look into this matter urgently.
Team AIGETOA CTD extends its gratitude to all present there and the meeting ended with a positive note.

Flash News: Update of E2-E3 court case.

The case could not be heard today, however our AIGETOA team consisting of AGS Shri Sunil Gautam, JS Shri Amit Roy, CP Shri Vikas Gupta and CS Punjab Shri Yogesh Chhabra were present in court to pursue and next date has been given as 28.07.2023. we expect hearing to take place on next date.

Greetings from AIGETOA CTD!

Dear friend,
Greeting from AIGETOA CTD!
Membership change window is over. Many new members joined us, many left us also and many friends kept their faith on us with their rock-solid beliefs on AIGETOA.
We extend our gratitude to all of them. We firmly believe, BSNL is first! We all are the member of BSNL family first. AIGETOA always advocates for the welfare of all the executives.
In this juncture, let us put our earnest efforts for the betterment of BSNL.
Please extend your valuable support and guidance to AIGETOA as always.
Together we can!
With warm regards,
Sayantan Sikder
Circle Secretary

AIGETOA CTD welcomes Shri Pankaj Das,Ex-CS SNEA.

Shri Pankaj Das, Ex-CS SNEA Jharkhand and one of the founding members of AIGETOA in CTD, today joined AIGETOA.
Shri Kuntal Paul, ACS ; Shri Mrityunjay Kumar, ACS ; Shri Bidya Sagar, DS EZBC and other members of our association welcomed him on a memorable ceremony at EZBC, Kolkata.
The whole team AIGETOA CTD welcomes him with big thanks! CGM

News from Maharastra

On another breakthrough today in Pune, several veteran members from other associations joined AIGETOA.
All of them felt the necessity of AIGETOA in this crucial time.
Please welcome,
Sh Vivek Wankhede Ji (CS AIBSNLEA)
Sh V B Kokate (EX CS SNEA MH)
Sh Rajendra Kolapkar (Ex AGS SNEA)
Shri Madhukar Sangle (Ex AGS SNEA)
Shri V B Kokate ji (EX CS SNEA MH)
Strengthen AIGETOA. The alternative of AIGETOA is a stronger AIGETOA

AIGETOA CTD General Body Meeting cum Interactive Session 2023

AIGETOA CTD extends its heartfelt thanks to all those executives who have participated in the General Body Meeting cum Interactive Session physically and over online held at CTO building, Kolkata. The occasion itself showed its grand success in every aspect.
The first part of the event was A DELIBERATION SESSION. This session was quite informative, members got various updates from our beloved GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma ji, AGS Shri Sunil Gautam ji, VP Shri Deepak Kumar Sahoo ji, JS(E) Shri Rakesh Kumar ji and from other dignitaries.
Shri Amit Dutta ji, the Ex-AFS of TOA CHQ, and now a proud member of AIGETOA was also present on the dias, and energised the members with his wonderful speech.
The second part of the event was AN INTERACTIVE SESSION. The session was conducted beautifully and transparently. Many executives had cleared their doubts and queries directly from our GS.
We are proud and happy to mention that, our GS has addressed all those doubts and queries raised by the executives lucidly and in detail.
Team AIGETOA CTD also extends its gratitude to all those unsung volunteers who tirelessly put their unmatched energy to make this event a great success.
Together we can!

Click here to view the Session

AIGETOA CTD Welcomes GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma ji and AGS Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam ji to the City of Joy.

Today, team AIGETOA CTD comprising CS CTD Shri Sayantan Sikder, ACS CTD Shri Kuntal Paul and Shri Gurupada Mondal greeted our beloved GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma ji and adorable AGS Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam ji at the Kolkata Airport on their two-day visit to the City of Joy. CGM CGM

Restructuring Cell of BSNL CO issues instructions for cadre review of BSNL :

As informed earlier and as per commitment extended to AIGETOA, Restructuring Cell of BSNL CO issued orders for cadre review. AIGETOA has been consistently following up the issue. This review exercise will result in an increase in cadre strength across various streams and cadres including that of Telecom, Finance, Civil Electrical, CSS, PPS/PS/PA etc. It will be the endeavor for AIGETOA to increase the posts and also ensure sufficient posts every year for fast track mode.
This exercise will result into opening of further promotional posts in JTO, JAO, SDE, AO, AGM, CAO, DGM, CSS, PPS/PS/PA etc. We envisage our commitment to ensure promotions for all those who have completed their residency period in the grade.
We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure the smooth career progression for all.
We remain committed to all our promises and slowly and steadily we will achieve everything.

Click here for letter

General Body Meeting cum Interactive Session:

All the executives of BSNL are cordially invited to attend the General Body Meeting cum Interactive Session arranged by AIGETOA CTD & WBTC on 07.07.2023 from 02:30 pm onwards at the Telecom Institute Hall, CTO Building (3rd Floor). The occasion will be graced by the General Secretary of AIGETOA CHQ Shri Ravi Shil Verma ji, Vice-President Shri Deepak Kumar Sahoo ji, Asst. General Secretary Shri Sunil Kumar Gautam ji and Joint Secretary (East) Shri Rakesh Kumar ji. Both deliberation and interactive sessions will be held in that occasion on various HR & Developmental related issues of BSNL. The occasion can also be seen live on the following YouTube link.

YouTube link

Centre committed to revival, growth of BSNL:

The Centre is committed to the revival and growth of the state-run telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to ensure that the company becomes an important market stabiliser, said Union Minister of Communications Sri. Ashwini Vaishnaw.

Read more

AIGETOA CTD and WBTC is going to arrange a general body meeting cum interactive session for all the executives.

AIGETOA CTD and WBTC is going to arrange a general body meeting cum interactive session for all the executives. The said meeting will be held on 07.07.2023 at the CTO building auditorium from 2:30 pm onwards. Our GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma ji and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam ji along with the Circle representatives will be present in this session.
All are requested to join en-masse and to participate in the deliberation and questionnaire session.
For smooth conduction of the session, all are requested to submit their questions/queries/grievances/suggestions along with documents (if any) to the below email ID.

Uber Business cab service for AIGETOA CTD members:

AIGETOA CTD extends its gratitude to all members on the successful implementation of Uber Business cab service for its members.
Interested members can avail this service by onboarding on the Uber dashboard by simply emailing to the following with their name, email id and mobile numbers.

Group Health Insurance by AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA CTD is planning to initiate a group health insurance policy for all BSNL executives on pan India level. We had a primary and non-binding discussion with the PSU insurer.
As per the initial discussions, they have offered a quote which can be found with the following pdf document.
Willing executives may go through the pdf doc and if agreed to proceed further, they mandatorily need to fill-up the Google form before 11:59 pm 23.06.2023.

Click here proposal

The Google form link

UBER Business cab service by AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA CTD will soon launch the Uber business facility (cab service) to its members in Kolkata. Later it may be extended in pan India basis.
Its features are as follows:
1. AIGETOA CTD will initiate an Uber dashboard.
2. Members of AIGETOA can avail this service.
3. One member can open two accounts, one for himself/herself and other for spouse.
4. Each account will get Rs. 400/- Uber voucher, which can be used on personal account within one month.
5. Rides will be with No cancellation charges.
6. The rates will be fixed-price in nature (unlike surge).
7. Rental/outstation.
8. 24/7 business support.
9. Allocation of good rated drivers.
10. Rider insurance.
One can easily save a few hundred rupees per month, with this service.
Further detail will be informed soon.

For onboarding to the dashboard,kindly fill the form.

Happy International Yoga Day 2023!

May the light of yoga illuminate your path toward health, happiness, and inner peace. Happy International Yoga Day 2023!


AIGETOA has always taken a pivotal role for the BSNL executives.
Background: - Formation of BSNL into a PSU was a beginning for revolutionizing telecom technologies in the country & so was the concept for inducting Graduate Engineers in the newly formed Telecom behemoth named BSNL. Our founders of AIGETOA envisioned our association as persistent HR practices were completely in contravention of the basic blueprint of BSNL and career aspirations of DRs. The Formation of AIGETOA was pivotal for exploring better career aspects for Direct Recruits of BSNL in terms of career progression, healthy pay packages, medical facility, superannuation scenarios, welfare of family and dependents so far their future certainty and social security are concerned.
AIGETOA, since its formation, has been relentlessly working on the mission and has achieved many of the goals related to career and social security of DR executives. However, we humbly admit that some or many of unachieved targets are yet to be accomplished. Moreover, basic framework and roadmap for such pending goals have already been discussed in detail with the concerned authorities of BSNL and the Ministries. As a matter of fact, lead role of AIGETOA as Majority Association of BSNL executives, is critically important for accomplishing those unachieved targets.
A summary of achievements, which could be possible due to persistent efforts of AIGETOA are being brought to the attention of BSNL executives:
1. Correction of GPF/EPF: After joining of direct executives in 2001, EPF accounts were not opened by BSNL units and they kept on deducting GPF amount from executives’ salary. The correction by majority of the BSNL units was possible due to protests of torch bearers of AIGETOA. For some of executives EPF accounts opened by BSNL after more than one year and contribution of that period is still pending. The work is already taken up by AIGETOA and will be completed/corrected in due course of time.
2. The Training period EPF contribution was not made by BSNL to direct recruits and after court case by AIGETOA, the amount of training period with interest was contributed by BSNL but the length of training period for pensionable period is not considered by EPF and is not settled by BSNL with EPF.
3. After BSNL formation, the responsibility of providing pension to BSNL recruits was mentioned by government in rule 37A. But BSNL has not made any pension facility to BSNL recruits. Our association AIGETOA has played a major role in getting higher pension order(s) issued by EPFO.
4. 30% Superannuation benefit: After formation of AIGETOA, the matter was taken up when 2nd PRC clearly mentioned that 30% superannuation benefits have to be provided to direct recruits. But BSNL had taken so long time on their decision and then it was provisioned 3% SAB only in 2015 after intense persuasion of AIGETOA, where other executive associations were reluctant to support us on this matter & even opposed out this genuine demand, later on further persuasion of AIGEATOA, 2% more SAB was provisioned in 2017. Now, more than 2000 direct executives have availed this 5% SAB benefits either on VRS-2019 option or on their death/other reasons.
Hence, the role of AIGETOA is essential to get 30% SAB w.e.f 01.01.2007 and also for pensionary benefits of direct recruits.
5. Standard Pay Scale: When BSNL was formed, direct recruits JTO were called, GE-JTO and pay scale was given E1A – 9850- 250-14500, but GE-JTO is now replaced by JTO and the E1A pay scale is replaced by E1 by BSNL. Due to degradation and lowering of pay scale from E1A to E1, many of our 2007 batch onwards executes are losing a handsome salary amount every month. The matter was justified by then Majority Association other associations of BSNL. The content of their websites was later on removed, on protest of AIGETOA.
Please note that AIGETOA is only association which is persuading on this matter in true spirit at all the platforms like courts/ministries/BSNL management. The dedicated logical approach for standard E2 pay scale for 2007 onwards JTO are quintessential to get this target achieved.
6. AIGETOA played great role in 1st LDCE in 2007 just after completion of 2001 batch direct recruit 3 years and also made great role in increasing seats from 130 appx to 1800 appx, where 800 appx plus direct recruits became SDE in 2008 in 7 years.
7. AIGETOA played great role in provision of 2nd PRC to 2005 Batch JTO, where maximum had joined after Jan, 2007.
8. AIGETOA played great role in promotion of 2007 batch onward JTO to SDE promotion, where other Associations were creating obstacles.
9. List-8 SDE to AGM promotion – AIGETOA perused with BSNL management in 2018 for promotion of List-8 direct recruit SDEs(T) promotion to AGM(T), who were completed SDE serving period of more than 10 years, against 7 years qualifying criteria, and BSNL management was ready to promote List-8 SDEs to AGM and a file was moved to create additional post in line with what created of 4200 additional posts for other upto List-7 SDEs, but then majority association & other executive association opposed the move of management on pretext of additional increment to direct recruit and creating a gap of seniority – juniority.
Again those Association were creating obstacles and supported MT aspirants morally & financially to derail List-8 AGM promotion but AIGETOA was very played very important role in defending different court cases on List-8 AGM promotion and also did rigorous persuasion with management and finally made AGM Promotion of 1st batch of direct recruits as AGM.
And further doing continuous meeting with management on more AGM promotion alongwith DGM promotion for executives. So, role of AIGETOA is required further to get pending AGM & DGM promotion soon.
AGENDA of AIGETOA this year 2023.
1. 3rd PRC in 2023.
2. AGM promotion to List 9,10,11 and 12 SDEs.
3. DGM promotion to exiting AGMs.
4. 30% SAB provision to direct recruits in 2023.
5. Standard Pay scale E2 to JTOs.
6. Ensuring Medical Fund for direct recruits after retirement.
7. Ensuring smooth outdoor and indoor medical bills payments to employees.

Condolence Message:

AIGETOA CTD deeply mourns the sad demise of father of Shri Manish Anand, DS AIGETOA-CTD East. We pray to Almighty so that the eternal soul rests in peace, and to provide his family with sufficient strength and courage to tide over the crisis.

An appeal to all executives of CTD

Dear friends,
Greetings from AIGETOA CTD!
You may know, we have wholeheartedly tried for the executives' welfare. Team AIGETOA CTD has taken many initiatives for the benefits of the executives of all affiliations. We'll follow the same if all of you keep us motivated.
Our appeal to you, kindly join AIGETOA and motivate us to serve you better.

With warm regards,
Sayantan Sikder
Circle Secretary

GS AIGETOA Sh Ravi Shil Verma writes with earnest appeal for support of all the Executives to AIGETOA in the Membership Changeover Window and Forthcoming Membership Verification (MV).

As we all are aware, AIGETOA is a united front working tirelessly to protect and promote the welfare and rights of executives in our esteemed organization. We have consistently strived to address the concerns and issues faced by our members and have been successful in achieving several milestones together.
In order to continue our journey of empowerment and representation, it is imperative that we receive your unwavering support during the Membership Changeover Window. This window provides an opportunity for executives to switch their membership to AIGETOA, allowing us to build a stronger, more unified community. We encourage you to seize this chance and stand with us as we work towards a better future for all.
As the General Secretary of AIGETOA, I am writing to seek your unwavering support in the upcoming Membership Changeover Window (16th June to 15th July 2023) and Membership Verification (MV) for the executive association in BSNL. The Membership Changeover Window and Membership Verification hold immense significance as they provide us with the opportunity to shape the future of BSNL and ensure a strong and effective representation of our executive fraternity. Your active participation and support are crucial in making these processes a success and achieving our shared objectives.

Click here for Appeal

Letter for Reimbursement for laptop issued for BSNL CO.

After strong persuasion from AIGETOA CHQ to provide a laptop for all Executives, BSNL management has initiated an order and policy for CO.
They have also assured to extend the facility to every field level executives up to JTO/JAOs.
Team AIGETOA CHQ is in follow up with management.

Click here for letter

Updates of Team AIGETOA Meeting with Director HR, PGM (SR), PGM (Pers) for discussion on various issues over the period dated 5th June 2023 to 13th June 2023:

AIGETOA CHQ has decided to publish a weekly update on status, level of persuasion and outcomes associated pertaining to various issues related to Executive Cadre. To start with, we are publishing the updates for the period 5th June to 13th June and hereinafter, weekly update shall be regularly updated on every Monday for the information of all the executives.
Last Week and this week Team AIGETOA comprising of All India President Shri Veerabhadra Rao, GS Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand, AGSs Shri Yogendra Kumar and Shri Sunil Gautam met various authorities and had multiple meetings at the level of Director HR, PGM (SR & Restg), PGM (Pers), CGM (CNTx-North) and discussed the following issues:
Start of Process for Review of Cadre Strength:
The matter was strongly taken up before Director HR and PGM (Restg) and after detailed discussion finally instructions were given to start the cadre strength review process. Thereafter the Restructuring Cell has already initiated the review exercise. Association shall be giving its input in next few days. We are quite hopeful of increase in number of posts across all the cadres and streams in view of the increased revenue as well as because of new government projects like 4G saturation, Bharatnet, FTTH to Villages etc. AIGETOA’s firm emphasis shall be on sufficient increase in number of posts so that executives across various cadres and streams get a smooth career progression.
JTO to SDE DPC and increase in number of posts for DPC as well as LDCE:
We raised the matter pertaining to the long-awaited promotions in JTO to SDE cadre. We highlighted that Management must move ahead with a progressive thought process. Various complexities associated with the DPC process was discussed. We are hopeful of a positive outcome soon.
We also highlighted that the root cause of all problems is not filling up the vacancies of Pre-VRS and its high time that management must do a rethink on a current procedure adopted and instead should fill up the year wise vacancies available in the Pre-VRS ERA which will end the various disputes in fact across all cadres and streams. Further we have also requested for counting the SDE vacancies against Look After Posts in AGM Cadre which will also increase the number of vacancies. We are quite hopeful that management will definitely give a rethink on the approach adopted and ensure that sufficient vacancies are available for covering all the eligible JTOs in both the quota.
SDE to AGM Promotions:
We once again reminded management about their earlier commitment and to ensure that sufficient vacancies are available in AGM cadre for ensuring the promotions of all eligible SDEs. We also requested for considering the methodology which we have presented during the agenda meeting which was subsequently discussed with CMD BSNL also and there was a broad consensus on towing that line. We expressed our regret on the reluctancy on the part of Pers section for moving ahead with the SDE to AGM Promotions by making sufficient vacancies available by virtue of diversions and rearrangement within the defined strength. The matter is under discussion and deliberation at the level of Director HR and we sincerely feel and hope that finally management will move ahead with the proposal submitted by AIGETOA to ensure the promotions of all eligible. We also requested management to ensure that speaking order issued by BSNL in Madras High Court must be followed in letter and spirit and any deviation from that will result into a contemptuous act by BSNL for that the sole responsibility shall lie on Pers section only.
AO to CAO promotions:
We requested management for trying to get the stay vacated at Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT and if needed the appeal should be filed before Hon’ble High court to seek vacation of stay on the promotions. Further, we also requested for diversion of vacancies from SET quota to DPC quota which will ensure that promotions of all the eligible AOs can be done to CAO grade. We highlighted that AIGETOA will never allow recruitment of SETs and hence instead of keeping the vacancies on hold, the same must be diverted to DPC quota which will end the dispute.
DE to DGM Promotions:
We requested for filing an MA at Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT wherein we requested for submissions of BSNL with regard to fulfilling the directions of Hon’ble Court as now the decision at the highest level has already been taken for following the DoP&T guidelines for reservation in promotions and there is no ambiguity as such over the methodology to be adopted as concurrence of DoP&T has also been obtained on the methodology adopted by BSNL. It’s high time that management stops calling the promotions as provisional and should move forward with promotions in AGM Cadre to DGM cadre by filling up all the available vacancies. Management agreed to our request and assured that after taking legal opinion, matter shall be pursued either at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh or at Hon’ble Supreme Court where the SLP is pending.
DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular)
We requested for continuing the services of Senior Advocate and also requested BSNL for filing an appeal at Hon’ble High Court. The same was agreed by management side.
SDE 2007 reversal issue:
Matter was deliberated at length with the Director HR and committee members. The discussions were positive and we hope that things will soon fall in line. We sincerely hope that management will extend justice to the affected candidates and we firmly assure that AIGETOA will ensure resolution, come what may.
OTP cases including transfer cases of KTK Circle and waiting list of other hard tenure Circles and changes in Transfer Policy:
It was assured that OTP cases shall be processed in this week including the ones from Karnataka Circle on which there is a firm assurance that the cases shall be considered based on the criteria of date of application when the executive first time applied for OTP. We further highlighted the precarious scenario where one executive is getting transferred within circle, thereafter Inter Circle. We requested for a moratorium on transfer of the executive in Inter Circle also for at least five years if he/she has already undergone transfer within the circle. We requested for a centralized transfer policy where an executive doesn’t faces repeated transfers, first within the circle and then Inter Circle. We further highlighted the arbitrary selection of choice circles where in an executive higher in waiting list is not getting his first or second choice while another executive getting the same station despite being junior in the waiting list. We also requested for publication of waiting list in OTP cases also and publication of vacancies available in circle so that an executive can make an informed choice in OTP window. Management side agreed to explore the suggestions and we are hopeful of a positive outcome on the above suggestions. Maximum use of automated procedures and minimum use of discretionary power is the demand of AIGETOA and transparency in the process is a must.
Extending the Laptop Policy for field units also:
Association extended its thanks for approving the Laptop Reimbursement Policy and requested for immediate replication of the same for executive’s upto JTO/JAO/Equivalent level in the field units. Management Side assured to positively consider the same for field units also.
Revision in the TA/DA/Allowances at current market rates:
Director HR appreciated the concern and assured that needful action shall be done to revise the same.
Association Immunity Policy:
We requested for keeping the letter dated 14.10.2022 held in abeyance at least till next MV. It is anticipated that management will take a considerate view on the same.
Above are the update on the persuasion made by Association in Last Few Days and the outcome associated with the persuasion. All we can assure is that AIGETOA is fully committed to resolve the PPP issues and things are moving on a positive note on the issues related to promotion and restructuring. In next few days, AIGETOA shall be knocking the doors of the highest echelons in DoT and Nodal Ministry to ensure precipitation and resolution of the financial issues including the Pay Scale issues, Pay loss issues, 30 Percent SAB, 3rd PRC, Pension Revision. All these issues pertain to the policies of government and hence we must have to pursue at the highest level and our association AIGETOA is fully committed to go to any extent to ensure the resolution of these financial issues. Further our Legal team has finalized the Legal aspects and association has decided to take the legal recourse also for ensuring the resolution of all the pay loss related issues.
Further a detailed meeting of the Director HR and other senior officers of HR group has taken place with the leaders of the Forum of BSNL Associations on 13th June 2023 wherein issues related to MSRRs, promotions in various cadres, immunity, transfer policy etc has been discussed. The detailed update shall be shared at the platform of Forum in due course. Discussion of that meeting has also ended on a positive note.     

Warm Welcome to Our Esteemed Leader Sh A A Khan Ex-All India President, SNEA CHQ to AIGETOA :

On behalf of the entire Team AIGETOA, We are thrilled to extend a heartfelt welcome to Sh A A Khan, Ex-All India President, SNEA CHQ to join AIGETOA, our esteemed association. Your decision to transition from SNEA to AIGETOA is a testament to your dedication and commitment towards the betterment of executives in BSNL, and we are honored to have you with us.
Your invaluable experience, leadership skills, and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly strengthen our association and contribute to our collective mission. We greatly look forward to your insights, innovative ideas, and collaborative spirit, which will undoubtedly inspire and motivate our members.
At AIGETOA, we emphasize teamwork, inclusivity, and mutual support. As you immerse yourself in our association, you will find a community of like-minded individuals who are dedicated about resolutions of all pending issues pertaining to the executives of BSNL and committed to making a positive difference. We encourage you to engage actively in our various initiatives, contribute, and share your expertise with fellow members.
We believe that by working together, we can achieve great milestones and create a brighter future for all executives in BSNL.
Once again, Congratulations on becoming a part of AIGETOA. We are excited to witness the positive impact you will make and the contributions you will bring to our association. Together, let us forge a path towards a brighter future for all executives in BSNL.

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Cabinet approves $11 billion revival package for telecom firm BSNL:

The Union Cabinet on Tuesday approved an Rs 89,047-crore revival package for state-owned telecom firm BSNL, which will be used to roll out 4G and 5G services, improve its network and expand its reach. The package includes a cash component of Rs 38,964 crore and a non-cash component of Rs 50,083 crore. The cash component will be used to meet the company's immediate working capital requirements, while the non-cash component will be used to convert its statutory dues into equity, merge Bharat Broadband Network Ltd (BBNL) with it and provide it with spectrum.

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Meeting With PGM (SR & Restructuring) And Update In Restructuring And Review Of Sanctioned Strength Across Various Cadres And Streams:

Today President AIGETOA Shri Veerabhadra Rao and GS AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma met PGM Restg and discussed the issue of reviewing the sanctioned strength across various cadres in continuation of our earlier discussions held with CMD BSNL, Director HR, GM Pers and PGM Restg. Yesterday also GS AIGETOA reminded PGM Restg about the commitments made at the level of CMD BSNL and Director HR and requested her for immediately starting the process. Earlier also Team AIGETOA had met Director HR and CMD BSNL and requested them to intervene for immediate completion of the process. In the meeting itself, Director HR has directed PGM Restg to initiate the process.
Today a detailed discussion took place. PGM Restg informed that she has already set the action in motion and Circles shall be asked to give their feedback on the strength across various cadres. She also requested AIGETOA to give it’s input w.r.t the strength across various cadres/streams including Bharatnet and 4G saturation projects. Association also needs to submit its input w.r.t the staffing norms (operational as well as positional). AIGETOA Team shall be submitting this input by next week so as to get the exercise complete as early as possible. With an increase in strength, many of the worries will be over and a smooth career progression can be ensured across all the cadres and streams. It will be AIGETOA’s endeavor to ensure that the interest of the cadre is protected and unnecessary court cases owing to such apprehensions and confusion can be avoided.
Further discussion on the letter issued wrt Membership change option on ESS was also done wherein AIGETOA has suggested certain inputs on which PGM SR has given positive consideration. Option for dual membership shall continue in ESS also. Further concurrence of DS/CS as per existing process must be ensured in ERP for approving the membership as it is the DS/CS of any association who is authorized to accept the Membership not the administration. Corrigendum shall be issued by SR cell on this.
Brief discussion on immunity guidelines also took place.
Earlier a detailed discussion of Team AIGETOA was held on 31st May 2023 with the committee members constituted for taking care of reversal issue. Detailed discussion took place on the way forward and association has noted the inputs and is acting upon it in consultation with the team. We are sure of resolving the reversal issue also at the earliest.
Today, on 6th June, another meeting of Team AIGETOA is scheduled with GM Pers for discussion on the JTO to SDE DPC, SDE to AGM promotions, AGM to DGM Promotions, AO to CAO promotions, OTP cases, Tenure Cases, MSRR clauses, LICE etc. We hope for positive outcome from that meeting also.
AIGETOA will ensure the resolution of all the pending HR issues. We seek the support of all the executives in ensuring the resolution of issues irrespective of their associations which will motivate the leadership in performing better.

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AIGETOA CTD has arranged a free health camp and medical check-up for all the employees of CTD on 31st May 2023, on the day of its office room inauguration.

The response of this occasion was overwhelming. Executives and non-executives of different unions/associations have participated in this event and availed the medical services.
Respected CGM CTD sir had inaugurated this medical camp and was the first person to avail all the tests with positive enthusiasm.
The camps was conducted by Suraksha Diagnostics, Kothari Medical Centre and Centre for Sight. The following tests was offered,
• Random Blood Sugar
• Total Cholesterol
• Blood Pressure
• SPO2
• Body Composition and Body fat analysis
• Eye Test (Automatic and Manual)
• Doctor Consultation
• Dietitian Consultation
Other tests was also available there with payment basis at CGHS rate.
AIGETOA CTD extends its thanks and gratitudes to all for making this event a grand success.

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AIGETOA CTD is pleased to inform you that, we've inaugurated our brand new office room today.

Our beloved JS(E) Sri Rakesh Kumar ji and VP-II Sri S.C. Mandal ji has cut the ribbon for this occasion.Many veteran leaders were present on this occasion. This office will help us to serve you better in the coming days. Our office details is as follows,

Room No. 502B
5th floor, Telephone Bhavan
34, BBD Bag
Kolkata- 700001

It's also to mention that, on this auspicious occasion, we've arranged a grand health camp for all the employees of CTD at free of cost (details follows).

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India will not see a monopoly or duopoly in the telecom sector with state-owned BSNL emerging as a 'very stable' player,
Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw.

India will not see a monopoly or duopoly in the telecom sector with state-owned BSNL emerging as a ‘very stable’ player, Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has said.Speaking at the Express Adda on Saturday, he allayed concerns of a duopoly emerging in the market with weakening financials and dropping market share of Vodafone Idea Ltd. “No, we are not heading towards a monopoly. Even a duopoly will not be there. BSNL is coming up as a very stable player in the market,” he said when asked whether the state of affairs in Vodafone Idea and the current financial struggles faced by Airtel would leave Reliance Jio the single dominant mobile telephony player.
The telecom market currently has three private players – billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea Ltd. Jio’s disruptive entry has helped it to become the largest operator in the country and it is now leading the 5G rollout. Sunil Bharti Mittal’s Airtel is competing with Jio while Vodafone Idea is yet to announce a 5G rollout plan due to financial stress. Vaishnaw said state-owned BSNL is stabilising operationally. “They have started making operating profits now. It’s a turnaround story for BSNL,” the minister said. He said the technology BSNL is going to use, India’s 4G and 5G stack, is a step above similar technologies across the world.

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Medical camp for employees of CTD arranged by AIGETOA CTD on 31.05.2023

Diet consultation, doctor’s consultation and the following tests will be available there at free of cost

  • Random Blood sugar
  • TSH
  • Total Cholesterol
  • BP & SPO2
  • Body composition and body fat analysis
  • PFT
  • ECG

If someone wants for further diagnosis, it can also be done with payment basis at CGHS rate.

Details are as follows,

  • Venue: Telephone Bhavan 3rd floor Conference room and 8th floor IQ
  • Time: 11:00 am onwards for Executives 02:30 pm onwards for both Executives & Non-Executives
  • Tests will be done on ‘first come first served’ basis subject to availability
  • Employees must have to carry their office ID card
  • For query, one can contact to Shri A.K. Shukla @9433000303 and Shri Subhajit Choudhury @9433400292

Latest News:

The consortium led by Tata Consultancy Services Limited has received an Advance Purchase Order valued over Rs15,000 crore from BSNL, a 100% Govt. of India owned Public Sector Undertaking, for the deployment of a 4G network across India

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132nd birth anniversary celebration of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar organised by SEWA

AIGETOA CTD feels honoured for being present at the 132nd birth anniversary celebration of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. The program was arranged by SEWA at the CTO building today. CGMs of WBTC, CTD and CNTx(E) along with other senior officers were present their. The occasion was very informative and cordial. We extend our hearty wishes to SEWA for arranging the gracious ceremony.
Some moments of the occasion are follows.

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Today, CTD management has arranged a wonderful ceremony to recognize the best performers in various fields. AIGETOA CTD wishes all of them for their unmatched performances towards our beloved organization.
The following persons are our members, who’ve got the recognition,

Some glimpses are as follows

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Update on GHI proposed by AIGETOA CTD

Recently BSNL has floated an option to opt GHI for all the employees. Citing this, CEC of AIGETOA CTD, unanimously decided not to proceed further on association's GHI proposal for this year. All are requested to take their informed decision to opt GHI, as per their convenience.

LDCE for JTO (T) to SDE (T) is notified.

As per assurance given yesterday to Team AIGETOA CHQ, LDCE has been notified for vacancies upto December 2022. This outcome has been achieved after the strong persuasions of AIGETOA.

click here for notification.




Update on Group Health Insurance.

Many friends from pan India have queries on the AIGETOA CTD group health insurance policy. It is to inform all concerned that, some administrative obligations were raised from NIC end on this policy, which was already informed earlier. Recently we’re again in touch with NIC for further discussions.
Parallelly, discussions are going on with other PSU and Private insurers. We’re in good hope that, we can mature the whole process. But it may take some more time.
It is also to clarify all that, there are several administrative requirements from the insurers before settling the whole thing. So, the exact time for implementation cannot be confirmed as of now. We shall inform immediately once we get response from the insurer.
Inconvenience, if any, is regretted please.

Representatives of AIGETOA CTD met CGM CTD and discussed on the various matters.

Today, representatives of AIGETOA CTD met CGM CTD and discussed over the following matters.

1. Long pending transfer issues :
We’re continuously in discussion since long time with CGM Sir over this issue. Some transfer orders of almost one year are yet to be implemented. CGM Sir assured us, necessary steps will be taken very soon and if required, the concerned executives will be released through ERP.

2. Issuance of transfer orders from the Interview panel :
CGM sir was not very committal over the issue, but after requests, he told us he will consider some transfers from the above panel. It was understood, requirements are there in EB and TX verticals.

3. Empanelment of more hospitals with CGHS rate and cashless basis :
It was informed to us that, necessary steps are being taken on priority basis.

4. Rule-8 transfer :
We’ve shown our resentments over this issue. We’ve informed CGM Sir, many incoming candidates have come and many are in process to join in CTD.
We’ve strongly requested to release the outgoing Rule-8 cases, as the accommodation confirmation has already received from many circles. CGM sir told us, he is expecting some positive results soon.

Prize distribution of online art competition:-

The prize distribution of the online art completion arranged by AIGETOA CTD will be held on 08.05.2023 (Monday) at Telephone Bhavan 3rd floor, Room No. 326 at 3 pm onwards. You are cordially requested to present there to collect the prize of your child/children. Pl note, the winners and the other participants, all will get the prizes as token of appreciation from AIGETOA CTD.

Update on GHI of AIGETOA CTD

The discussion with NIC on GHI is going on. There headquarters have raised certain queries on the policy. It has been roported that M/s Oriental (BSNL insurer) has discussed with M/s National on the concerns with respect to two PSUs competing with each with a similar set of employees. As per IRDA norms, there are certain retsrictions with respect to this. Our team is discussing with the National insurance officers for final conclusion on the policy. Therefore, extension of policy may take some more time.
Parallelly, we are in touch with other insurers also, including the private players, to mature the whole thing in a time bound manner.

Message from AIGETOA CHQ.

We take this opportunity to inform that as per the decision taken by CHQ after thorough deliberation with Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents on the issue, AIGETOA has been granted provisional affiliation with BMS. There have been many queries received in this regard from members that what will be the future course of action and the benefits associated with this affiliation for the cadre and BSNL at large.

We wish to inform that AIGETOA’s affiliation with BMS has nothing to do with any political orientation and we as employees and executives of BSNL, are not party to any political agenda and we will never be part to any such agenda in future also.
We further wish to inform that BMS is also categorical in its statement that they are not associated with any political party and BMS ideology is based upon the concept of nationalism which advocates unity and the ideology of BMS do not subscribes to any differentiation based on caste, creed or religion. We as an association of executives also will never ever subscribe to any agenda of any organization which is based on differentiation on the basis of caste, creed or religion. Further contrary to the belief of many that BMS is an organization of unions only, we wish to inform that many big associations in other PSUs like ONGC, various Banks etc have been the affiliates of BMS.
The response on the queries received from members with respect to BMS is as stated below:
1. BMS was founded on 23rd July 1955.
2. BMS is not affiliated to any Political party.
3. BMS extends responsive cooperation whatever may be the composition of the Government i.e whether it is Congress, BJP or any other democratically elected Government.
4. Even during the regime of NDA 1 Government, in 2001 April, BMS protested against the economic policies of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Govt in a very vociferous way. Very recently i.e on 17.11.22 the BMS organized a save PSU campaign in Delhi where more than 25000 CPSU workers gathered and protested.
5. BMS does not subscribe to caste, creed or religion.
6. BMS is the largest central trade union in India whose verification was done by the then UPA government. 7. There is no worship of leaders in BMS. Slogans in favor of office bearers is not allowed.
8. There is a fixed 2 term norm for all office bearers. 9. In State Units the age of office bearers is restricted to 60 years of age.
10. No political person is allowed to sit on the Dias. Exception is concerned Minister of the Union or the union Labor minister. Any politician who attends the meetings are received with due care and made to sit in the audience only.
The foundation stone of AIGETOA is firmly laid on the revival, survival and wellbeing of BSNL, Resolution of the long pending HR issues and upliftment of cadre as a whole. Various strategies with respect to achieving these objectives have been exercised by AIGETOA and it is our firm belief that our affiliation with the largest trade union of India i.e. BMS and their guidance on various subjects will definitely give more strength to AIGETOA’s fight to ensure the revival of our beloved company, upliftment of the executive cadre of BSNL and resolution of various pending issues. We request one and all for cooperating and supporting AIGETOA’s endeavors which are solely intended to attain the vary basic objectives of unity in diversity, upliftment of nation, upliftment of company and upliftment of our executive fraternity. AIGETOA shall continue to function as it was functioning earlier with full autonomy on how to resolve the issues including the ways like conducting the meetings and organizational action programs.
AIGETOA firmly and non-ambiguously reiterates that association will never be a party to any political activity nor will it ever subscribe to any differentiation based on caste, creed or religion. All our activities will always remain restricted to the welfare of nation, welfare of our beloved organization BSNL and the resolution of long pending issues pertaining to the executives of BSNL. Let us all move ahead with the feeling of together we can and together we will.

AIGETOA CTD writes to CGM/CTD over the casual approach of management on handling the Higher Pension related work on employer's part.

AIGETOA CTD expressed its strong resentments over the casual and irresponsible approach of management on handling the Higher Pension related job on employer's part.

Click here for letter

Update on GHI for all the executives of BSNL, initiated by AIGETOA CTD on behalf of AIGETOA CHQ.

In connection with the preliminary data & quote, which was informed earlier over the GHI scheme, team AIGETOA has further discussions and negotiations with the insurance provider on other details. It is understood, due to their closed holiday up to 01.05.2023, more discussions towards the finalization can took place on or after coming Tuesday.

In the meantime, we’ve received a good response through our Google form. It is also to inform all that, we’re expecting to start the policy within May’23. The payment window is expected to be opened after the final agreement with NIC.

Some basic FAQs on this GHI,Hospital list and Super Topup details can be found in the documents below.

Click here for FAQ



GHI for all Executives of BSNL - initiated by AIGETOA CTD

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to introduce a group health insurance policy for all BSNL executives on pan India level. The GHI will be operated by National Insurance Company, a premier PSU insurer.

As per the initial discussions, they have offered a quote which can be found with the following pdf document.

Willing executives may go through the pdf doc and if agreed to proceed further, they mandatorily need to fill-up the Google form before 11:59 pm 28.04.2023. The Google form link is mentioned below.
One may write to the following email ID for any queries in this regard.

Google form link

AIGETOACTD GHI pdf document

Guidelines for filling the EPFO online portal w.r.t. Higher pension.

1.AIGETOA Team has prepared a performa to be submitted by all willing to opt for pension option on full wages for those having insufficient balance in their EPF account. All are requested to go through and prepare the same on similar lines Further instructions with regard to the Joint undertaking performa for 26(6) by employee and employer is also under process and instructions in this regard shall be issued by BSNL CO for urgent action by all the circles. Copy of this joint declaration along with the declaration by BSNL available at ESS portal shall be submitted by employee at EPF Portal. Further there is a confusion with regard to submission of formalities by employer side like uploading the month wise details on the portal from employee. BSNL CO is deliberating on the methodology to be adopted which shall be circulated to field units once finalised. AIGETOA Team is also preparing a step by step procedure and the same shall be circulated once BSNL CO issues instructions with regard to the Joint undertaking 26(6). We request all to wait till tmrw for uploading their options on the portal.

2.People may download their EPF passbook by logging-in to the Umang portal. Please type "EPFO passbook" in chatbot
Enter your UAN no
Give OTP
Download Passbook.

Click here for Self declaration.


Furnishing of Certificate under para 26(6) for Higher Pension under EPF Retired before/after 01.09.2014 dtd 19.04.2023

In line with the suggestions of AIGETOA in the online meeting which was represented by Shri Ansal Mohmmad who is one of the pioneers in the EPF case along with Shri Saheer and other AIGETOA Kerala members and subsequently conveyed by our letter dated 17th April 2023, CA section of BSNL CO has issued guidelines to Circles for issuance of Joint Undertaking and a certificate in lieu of PARA 26(6) OF EPF Scheme WHICH HAS TO BE USED BY the employees of BSNL while opting higher pension in EPFO website. BSNL is stating that deductions have been made and deposited on full Basic and DA to EPFO. This will ensure that willing persons can fill up the higher pension option at EPFO Portal. Earlier AIGETOA CHQ Team and BSNL Officials also visited EPFO and held discussions on the methodology to be adopted. Thereafter this letter has been issued by BSNL CO to circles. This has come out in persuasion to KERALA HIGH COURT JUDGEMENT DATED 12th April 2023 wherein AIGETOA is a petitioner and is result of continuous persuasion by Team AIGETOA with management and concerned section. We are thankful to BSNL Management and PGM CA for taking necessary action in timely manner in the interest of BSNL executives.

Click here for letter by BSNL to all circles and format of the certificate

Click here for letter by BSNL to all circles and format of the certificate

Click here for the letter by AIGETOA

AIGETOA CTD writes to CGM CTD on various issues, suffered by the employees, and its early resolution.

1. Requirement of water purifiers at every office buildings.
2. Improvement of toilets at every office buildings.
3. Empanelment of more hospitals treating with CGHS rate through-out CTD area.
4.Lifts of some multi-storied office buildings (eg. TBN, TBZ) are not working, causing difficulties to the employees' at the rush hour.
5. Arrangements to install 2/3 PCs at ground floor of TBN & TBZ (offices with large employee base) for attendance marking.
6. To extend the Second Saturday leave to those who are entitled - requesting to follow the Co guidelines in to-to.
7. As a temporary arrangements, kindly explore if, some ACs can be re-connect (where the machines are already installed, but disconnected) keeping in mind the heat wave.

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Meeting with Director HR on EPF Higher Pension Option :

A meeting was held by BSNL Management with all unions and associations today at 16:00 Hrs wrt submission of EPF Higher Pension. On behalf AIGETOA, the meeting was attended by Sh Ansal Mohammed along with President AIGETOA Sh Veerabhadra Rao. In line with our earlier discussions, it is informed that BSNL will be giving a certificate stating the compliance of para 26(6) and the contributions made there of to each employee so as to enable the aspirants to upload along with the enhanced pension option online link. The certificate and undertaking will be made available through ESS portal within a week. It is also a matter of pride that Dir HR has mentioned about recent judgement by Hon’ble HC Kerala and its relevance which was fought by AIGETOA and it’s OBs. We have also submitted the clearance on EPF act -1952 (where para 26(6) is applicable) and EPS-1995 scheme where the 11(3)/11(4) enhanced pension option is envisaged and in line with Hon’ble SC Judgement dated 4/11/2022. Association submitted that to make full proof on the 26(6) matter, the joint option signed by employee and employer also may be submitted to respective RPFCs and a copy of the same may be made available for employee to submit along with the higher option along with the certificate by BSNL. This can be done as per Hon’ble HC Kerala judgement on WP(c) 13120/2015 and connected cases where BSNL employees are also parties, directed to EPFO that the options on 26(6) need to processed without insistence on a date.

Bharatratna Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar jayanti Celebration at Telephone Bhavan.

Today, representatives of AIGETOA CTD consisting of Shri Dinesh Roy, CP ; Shri Sayantan Sikder, CS ; Shri Kuntal Paul, ACS and Shri Manish Sood celebrated Bharatratna Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar jayanti on behalf of AIGETOA CTD fraternity along with SEWA CTD at Telephone Bhavan. It was a mindful session. An elaborate discussion and exchange of ideas took place on Ambedkarism. AIGETOA CTD feels honoured to be a part of this occasion. Referring to this great scholar's line, AIGETOA CTD also believes in... Educate! Agitate! Organize! Warm wishes to all on this day!

Landmark Interim Direction from Hon’ble HC, Kerala wrt 26(6) approval submission :

In the cases filed by Shri Saheer & Ors, AIGETOA – Honorable HC Kerala made Interim direction to EPFO to make arrangements for acceptance of Higher Pension Options without insistence on 26(6) approval through Online Or to accept the physical forms ( incase online form modification not possible) within 10 (Ten) Days from today. This landmark Interim direction will help all the employees who are working/ eligible as per Honorable SC , Judgement to submit the higher pension option as envisaged. Now it’s upon to BSNL management to facilitate the modalities for submission of physical forms at the earliest. Once again it’s proved that AIGETOA and it’s office bearers are the people who are the real fighters for the benefit of BSNL & employees.

Update on EPF Higher Pension Case:

The EPF case filed by AIGETOA Kerala at Ernakulam HC now posted for 12th for orders. Heated arguments for around 2 hours took place. Honorable Judge understood the situation, arguments seems positive.

Result of LICE from JE to JTO declared today:

AIGETOA CTD congratulates all the successful candidates. The following thirteen candidates were selected for CTD. AIGETOA CTD extends its heartfelt wishes to all of them.


Flash News: Update on notification of SDE RRs and JTO to SDE Promotions :

As assured to AIGETOA by Hon’ble CMD BSNL in the meeting dated 21st March 2023, it is understood that the modified SDE RRs are being placed for approval in BSNL Board Meeting to be held tentatively this week. With this approval, path for the Promotions of the left out JTOs of 2008 batch will be cleared and hopefully the promotions will be issued soon. In the meeting, Team AIGETOA has emphasized upon starting the exercise for subsequent batches also and we will ensure that the DPC promotion process for the subsequent batches and LDCE notification for the eligible batches are also completed immediately thereafter.

Members of JTO RY-07/08 along with CS-CTD visited CGM CTD and discussed elaborately over the 22820 issue, details are as follows.

Today, on 17.03.2023, some of the affected members of 22820 issue visited CGM CTD Shri Debasis Sarkar Sir at Telephone Bhavan, Kolkata. The team was consists of Shri Sayantan Sikder, CS-CTD ; Shri Abhishek Banerjee ; Shri Saikat Sarkar ; Shri Indrajeet Sarkar ; Shri Sandip Das ; Shri Parashmoni Saha ; Shri Shatadru Roy Chowdhury and Shri Datla Vijay Kumar. The members have apprised the total facts and figures on 22820 and submitted a representation (copy below) to CGM sir. CGM Sir was very receptive and asked many questions on the issue for his better convenience. The team has requested CGM Sir to write a letter to DIR(HR) on the above issue requesting for early resolution. He assured us for the same. Our earnest request to all JTO RY-07/08 members of different circle, kindly request to your CS to initiate similar kind of action such that mgmt. at BSNL CO can feel pressure over this legitimate and long pending issue. Long live AIGETOA!!

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Today team AIGETOA CTD and WBTC met Hon'ble CMD sir at Telephone Bhavan, Kolkata on a courtesy visit on 15.03.2023.

Sri Rakesh Kumar, JS(E); Sri Dinesh Roy, CP CTD; Sri Saikat Das, VP-I CTD ; Sri Sayantan Sikder, CS CTD ; Sri Nilesh Kumar, AVP WBTC ; Sri Partho Kr. Ghosh, CFS WBTC ; Sri Ravi Kumar, DS HQ CTD and Sri Prabhash Mishra, DS South CTD was present in that meeting. CMD sir warmly welcomed us all and discussed various issues with the AIGETOA representatives. The meeting was very cordial and interactive and was lasted more than 20 minutes. We've handed over our representation (copy below) and some other souvenirs. CMD sir, on welcoming the delegates, expressed that, ‘I believe BSNL will prosper in the hands of the youngsters like you people’. He emphasised, we all have to be more devoted to our organisation. Team AIGETOA apprised that, due to this current leadership of BSNL, the organisation is turning around in true sense, and we’re also feeling delighted being a part of it. AIGETOA assured to extend all kinds of co-operation to the mgmt. and to motivate all executives to achieve the intended goals. On the long pending issues of the executive fraternity, CMD was very receptive and replied with empathy on the following issues, 1. On financial issues: On this matter he was quite receptive and totally aware of the issues in detail, but the issues may only be resolved after the improvement of the financial condition of the organisation, and in CMD sir’s view which is likely to be achieved in near future. 2. EPF higher pension: CMD sir clearly told, they are taking all out efforts with EPFO to resolve this issue once and all. He’s totally committed on it and the mgmt. is continuously in touch with the concerned EPFO authorities. He has informed that, he is well acquainted with the issue as previously also he has taken up the EPF issue to the BSNL board to resolve various anomalies and brought uniformity in BSNL’s EPF policy. 3. DRF scheme: We expressed our agony over the cases of untimely death of many executives and the pension amount being paid to their devastated families. CMD sir informed that such kind of mechanism is in the thought process of the mgmt. 4. Rule-8 issue: We informed CMD sir, some executives even after getting the approval of Rule-8 transfer, are unable to join their native circles as the circle is surplus in nature. We’ve appealed that, after working in the present circle even after 10-15 years, their cases may be considered separately with empathy. CMD sir was quite receptive and opens to any suggestion from the association. The meeting was ended in a positive note and we believe that constant persuasions yields results in near future. Long live AIGETOA!

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AIGETOA CTD has arranged some basic first aid requirements comprising BP machine, Pulse oximeter, thermometer and very basic medicines.

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to inform you that, we have arranged some basic first aid requirements comprising BP machine, Pulse oximeter, thermometer and very basic medicines. It is kept at the AIGETOA CTD office (Room no:502 B,5th floor,Telephone Bhavan) It is also to inform you, this service is not limited to the AIGETOA members only. Any CTD employee may take the help of it, when required. This may serve people at the time of exigency. All of you are requested to forward this message to all employees of CTD.

Flash News : Update On 4G Rollout In BSNL

Today first Indigenous 4G e-Node-B which has been developed as a part of Atmanirbhar Bharat in Telecom has been powered on at Ferozepur BA of Punjab Circle. This is the first BTS working on home grown technology We congratulate all those involved in this exercise. We congratulate BSNL as well as TCS+CDOT+Tejas Consortium team for achieving this feat. It’s a proud moment for AIGETOA also as many of our members were also involved in this exercise. We sincerely hope and believe that with this start, definitely dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat in Telecom will be achieved soon. Our CS Shri Yogesh Chhabra Ji and CP Punjab Shri Vikas Gupta ji attending the inaugural function on behalf of AIGETOA. Today is definitely a big day and a firm step towards realizing the dream of 4G rollout in BSNL on home grown technology. We extend our sincere thanks to Government of India also for providing the much needed support to BSNL. Things were tough all these days but finally the light can be seen at the end of tunnel.

An Appeal From Mr. Debashish Ghosh, AIGETOA Member, SDE Kolkata TD

Children. Just reminiscence of this word brings to our minds the vivid picture of super-active, playful nature of the most beautiful gifts in this creation. But Alas ! There are unlucky few who are deprived of this basic capability of doing normal activities on their own. Debosmita Ghosh, 12-year-old girl, is one such child who is wheel chair bound and does not have the ability to move her arms and legs due to a rare neuromuscular disease classified as Spinal muscular atrophy (SPA). In this disease, nerves of the anterior horn cells of the spinal cord degenerate leading to gross hypotonia and muscle wasting. This weakness in the muscles throughout the body arises various complications such as knee knocking, bending of spine, osteoporosis to name a few. Some of the problems have been overcome by undergoing scoliosis correction surgery for her spine, zoledronate infusion for maintaining bone density, Bipap support for regular sleep etc. Despite all the efforts, she is having 80% locomotor disability. Naturally, she is fully dependent on all activities of daily living including eating, dressing and basic hygiene. Despite all this crippling circumstances, she is brilliant in her academics. She is class topper and won accolades in many Olympiad exams and abacus competitions. Also, she is a talented singer, good in elocution, story-telling and creative writing. She dreams to become a teacher or an astronomer. Currently, her condition has been progressively deteriorating. Only proper medical intervention has the ability to not only delay the disease progression but at times, effect mild improvements. Only drug that can stop progression of her disease and help regaining milestone is Risdipalm. She is receiving this drug from last two years under a compassionate use program by the drug manufacturing company. Being on treatment has helped her to have few improvements in motor activities. However, this program of Risdipalm will end by 2023. Stoppage of this drug may deteriorate her condition and push her health and life to uncertainty. Presently, she is under Dr Sanjukta De of Peerless Hospital, Kolkata. Risdipalm is a DCGI approved only drug commercially available India. But, the drug, costing Rs 72 Lacs per year, is exorbitantly high and beyond the affordability of her parents Mr. Debashish Ghosh, an AIGETOA member with Kolkata TD and Mrs. Moumita Ghosh, an optometrist. In order to support her for at least 15 years, we are compelled to raise at least Rs. 10 Cr through crowd funding platform impactguru.com. It may be noted that the donor will be eligible to receive tax benefit for 100% of the contributed amount under section 80G of Income Tax Act of India. We are hoping with in this period, Government of India will come up with some solution to continue treatment support to our only child. We are continuing to appeal to Government of India as well. Therefore, we appeal to all to help in this enormous task by making contribution as per own convenience such that our child has fair opportunity to realize her dreams.

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Launch of new AIGETOA CTD website:

AIGETOA CTD is delighted to launch its all new official website, http://aigetoactd.org Today, on 10.02.2023, Hon’ble CGM CTD, Shri Debasis Sarkar sir inaugurated the website in presence of our Circle leadership. AIGETOA CTD firmly believes in knowledge sharing and upliftment of all the BSNL employees. We hope, through this web platform, we all can achieve this. We’re thankful to our ACS Shri Datla Vijay Kumar & our veteran member Shri Sibadas Bag for designing the webpage. We also expect feedbacks from all of our members to improve further regarding the appearance and contents of the website. Some pictures of this website inauguration are as follows.
Long live AIGETOA!


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